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Sunday, June 30 2019

Eric Dubay - Epic Flat Earth interview

Eric Dubay - Epic Flat Earth interview.jpgEric Dubay - Epic Flat Earth interview

The oldest and largest secret society in existence (Freemasonry) has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not only completely and single-handedly crush their New World Order “United Nations" but to radically reshape the entirety of modern academia, universities, the mainstream / alternative medias, all the world’s governments, space agencies, and the very Earth beneath our feet.

Eric Dubay - Bitchute
Eric Dubay is on Minds.com, Gab.ai and Bitchute.com

Gravity : a theory of deception

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Sunday, March 24 2019

William Carpenter - One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe - Videobook

William Carpenter - One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe - Videobook
EricDubay - Bitchute

Download the PDF
Flat Earth - PDF

Smith Albert - The sea-earth globe
And its monstrous hypothetical astronomy. A tangle of ever-varying "scientific" fictions, contrary to the facts of nature, and opposed to the teaching of the holy scriptures.

Arthur Veitch White - The shape of the Earth
Some proofs for the spherical shape of the earth given in astronomical and geographical text-books examined, and shown to be unsound.

How the Southern Stars Work on Flat Earth

Earth is a level motionless plane with the Sun, Moon and stars revolving over and around us just as you experience every day. The North Pole is the magnetic mono-pole center-point with Polaris, the North Pole star situated directly above. Polaris is the only motionless star in the heavens with all the other constellations revolving perfect circles over the Earth every night. The so-called "planets," known to the ancients as "wandering stars," were named such because they were observed then as we can observe today to wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the Earth during their cycles. Meanwhile the "fixed stars" were named such because they were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their constellation patterns night after night, year after year, century after century, never changing their relative positions. If Earth was truly a tilting, wobbling, spinning space-ball as NASA and modern astronomy proclaim, rotating 1000mph on its axis, revolving 67,000mph around the Sun, spiraling 500,000mph around the galaxy, and shooting off several million more mph through the universe, the star patterns would never look the same two nights in a row, let alone be fixed in exactly the same constellations for thousands upon thousands of years !

The reality is that the Earth and Polaris do not move, while everything else in the heavens revolves over Earth and around Polaris East to West like in a planetarium dome. Our Earth planetarium, however, is so vast that perspective won't allow any observer to see all the stars simultaneously from any one vantage point. We can see Polaris, Ursa Major/Minor and other Northern constellations from every point North of the equator simultaneously, but conversely cannot see the so-called South Pole Star - Sigma Octantis, the Southern Cross or other outer constellations simultaneously from every point South of the equator, because they all sweep over a great southern arc from their rise in the evening to their setting in the morning. Facing North, the stars turn counter-clockwise, from right to left, facing South they turn clock-wise, from left to right, facing East they rise in front and set behind, while facing West they rise behind and set in front. So their apparent motion, angle and inclination changes depending where you are on Earth and what direction you are facing, but their actual movement is always East to West.

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Tuesday, February 12 2019

The best Flat Earth documentary

The best Flat Earth documentary

The following 6-hour documentary is currently the most complete and comprehensive presentation of the Flat Earth truth available to date.
Narrated by Eric Dubay, this videobook covers the majority of my best-selling The Flat Earth Conspiracy, book and is guaranteed to awaken even the sleepiest sheeple to the global deception.


Eric Dubay is on Minds, Gab and Bitchute

Surveyors, Engineers, Pilots and Sailors expose the Flat Earth

Flat Earth - Ships disappearing over the Horizon

Flat Earth Arctic Midnight Sun proof

Flat Earth - Why the Lie ?

Friday, January 25 2019

Guy S. Stanton III - Flat Earth

Stanton III Guy S Flat Earth.jpg

Guy S. Stanton III - Flat Earth
Evidence to consider ... if you dare to
A handbook meant to help those in pursuit of the Truth

Dedicated to all the intrepid explorers before me who opened up the way for a late comer to grasp a truth never really considered before that now in realization has in its own way affected everything.
Some may view the debate of whether the earth is flat or not to be a take it or leave it discourse and while that would be the socially acceptable response to agree to I’m afraid that I cannot. There are few things more fundamental than fully understanding the significance of what we stand on each day and that holds the air for our next breath of life. It’s not a political argument that can be dialed out of because we’re tired of it, because face it, we’ve all been elected to know where we stand on this issue by due point of the fact that we live on this rock.
We need to know everything there is to know about the domain that we live in and more importantly for me as a Christian man I need to know whether or not I can trust God, because regardless of what anyone’s opinion may be the Bible is quite simply a Flat Earth book. So for me to believe in a Flat Earth has now come to be a belief, and while it may not be the belief of many yet, it is for the brave ones that this book is dedicated to for their courage to ask the questions and pursue the facts that so many wish to either ignore or deny.

Flat Earth - PDF

The Flat Earth Explained and Proven in 2 Minutes

Flat Earth - Circumnavigation and Time-Zones

Flat Earth - Cause of the Tides

Magnification of the Sun-Moon Near the Horizon

Flat Earth is the most important Truth

The Savoisien
The Savoisien - Lenculus
Exegi monumentum aere perennius