David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees : The Lion Sleeps No More



David Icke - Human Race Get Off Your Knees : The Lion Sleeps No More

Left, left..... left, right, left, right, left, right...... left, left, left, or so goes the song that they sing in cadence at so many boot camps whilst they march away the hours and miles. However this is not about boot camp, but how to escape from hell. That involves synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres, thus the song introducing this book review. As always I am impressed by the writings of David Icke. In my opinion he is the best there is at exposing the criminal syndicate which runs this prison planet. Even more important are the practical suggestions on how to escape, or to be more accurate, to change it to the paradise it could just as easily be and was meant to be. What follows are my impressions of his newest book, titled; Human Race Get Off Your Knees-The Lion Sleeps No More.
Before I write any more I would just like to say this. If you think that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, if you think that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the September 11 attacks, if you think that the United States government or any government has ever fought a war or passed a law for our benefit, don't bother to read any further. Just go back to watching the television. Keep it turned on 24/7 and you will be fine. For everyone else, thank you for reading my words. I am writing them for our mutual benefit.
One of the big reasons I like what Icke says and writes is because I've lived through so much of what he talks about. Or put another way, I already know he's telling the truth and it feels true in my heart chakra to have it confirmed from an external source.
For example I've known for years about the importance of synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres. The left brain is in charge of logic, thinking, mathematics, time, the laws of physics, and sequential, separate experiences. The right brain is in charge of spontaneity, imagination, magic, knowingness rather than thinking, artistic expression and instantaneous fulfillment of creative impulses. In other words, the left brain gives us the "waking" world and the right brain gives us the "dream" world.
The two brain hemispheres are connected by a lump of flesh called the corpus callosum. If that lump of flesh were working properly we would have a fully functioning brain. Instead, the connection has been deliberately stepped down. In computer terms the information throughput could be thousands of gigabytes per second. But instead the connection crawls along at a tiny fraction of that. A fully operational brain means we would "dream" while we are "awake." Does that sound bad? It's not. It's what the human experience is meant to be.

We are infinite consciousness using a brain and a body as tools to live in this holographic universe. We are confined to the world of three dimensions and the "laws" of physics, which are "laws" only because we've been conditioned to accept them as such. In the real world, the paradise which is our birthright, life is a "dream." We can fly, instantaneously travel anywhere, have all sorts of fun without effort, just as we do in dreams. That is what our lives would be like with a fully functioning brain. Because the "dream" world and the "waking" world are two sides of the same coin. We have been tricked into thinking one is real and one is fantasy when in fact they both are fantasy. The only thing that is "real" is you and I. As I said, we are consciousness and that is all that exists. We have allowed ourselves to be enslaved by truly vicious, hateful entities who make Bush, Stalin, Obama, etc. look mild in comparison. In fact all those names I just mentioned are just the errand boys who do the bidding of the real evil ones, the ones behind the curtain.
Who has turned off the vast majority of our brain power? The malevolent controllers of this realm who suck our energy for their food, that's who. They are the demons and devils of every religion and every culture in history and they are as real as the Ford or Honda that you drive to work everyday. However, as the Christians say, the greatest accomplishment of the devil is that he convinces people he does not exist. And so it is with the controllers who rule from the shadows. Or more precisely who rule from a dimension of existence just outside of our limited sense perception. Our sense perception has been limited through genetic engineering by those same controllers for the specific purpose of keeping us ignorant of their game. That is why they have desynchronized our brains. If our brains were working we could see all of reality instead of just the incredibly small slice of it known as visible light, or the smudge that falls between ultra-violet and infra-red. If that were the case we could see the demons, devils, gods etc. who keep us as slaves and play games with our lives for their own sadistic amusements. Sound crazy? It probably does, but that is the way we've been trained to think. It is not our true self saying, "That's crazy," rather it is our robot self responding as it has been programed to do whenever it hears anything approaching the truth. It is time to shake off the shackles, stop being Pavlov's dogs and grab reality by the balls and wake up to who we are truly meant to be.

All I've just said is part of David Icke's latest book, and there is a lot more.

For years I've "known" that the moon is an artificial satellite of the earth. (I put "known" in quotation marks because I am always willing to admit the possibility that I could be wrong even when I'm certain that I'm correct.)
Many real scientists have said as much. I call them real scientists because they search for truth rather than tow the party line in order to get funding. Here are just a few of the oddities about our moon. It rings like a bell for hours when struck by a meteorite or missile. That indicates it's hollow with a rather thin shell. If it were a real satellite captured by the earths gravity instead of being put into place by extremely advanced technology, it would only be about thirty miles in diameter. Instead it's over two thousand miles in diameter. The probability that it would be exactly the same size in the sky as the sun when viewed from earth is really tiny, but it does and that just happens to fulfill so many religious requirements of the ancients. The surface of the moon, underneath all the moon dust appears to be titanium and other man-made, or somebody-made, metals, perfect for absorbing impacts. There is more, but read the book, and as I've said, it's in scientific books as well, one that are always suppressed because they contradict the "official story," the one they want us to believe.
In addition just about all the ancient legends say that the moon was put there by someone long after the earth was inhabited. I know in the Bhagavad-gita it says the moon was created out of the ocean. (Curiously, many main stream scientists say the same thing. They say that a planet the size of Mars hit the earth not once, but twice, and knocked the moon into existence from the impact.) All in all I would guess that it is a space ship, not by coincidence, similar to the Death Star in the Star Wars movies, in other words, a means of keeping us under the thumb. It's what the demons use as a base to broadcast to us a phony impression of reality, in other words it's the source of the "television" signal that creates this false reality, what David Icke calls the moon matrix.

I won't go on any more. You're probably ready to call the looney (once again a reference to the moon.) bin to come and get me. But guess what? I'm not crazy, just open-minded and educated. If we've been taught it by the system, it's almost certainly a lie. David Icke does his best to expose the lies and tell us the real story. He's not perfect but he's a helluva lot better than the "history" books and the "science" books. All in all I would say that Icke just keeps getting better, in spite of the fact that his books often repeat the same information.

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