Willis A. Carto - Populism vs plutocracy


Willis A. Carto - Populism vs plutocracy
The universal struggle

What is populism ?
All the politicians today want to be called “populists.”
And the media is constantly talking about populism.
But what exactly is a populist? What is populism?
Populism vs Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle is the only complete record of the history of American populism, as embodied in the lives of America’s populist heroes and statesmen...
Edited by W. A. Carto, this unique work shows that populism is much more than a counterfeit label for demagogic politicians to sew on their tattered and soiled garments. Populism has profoundly significant meaning to the people of America and the world. Today with communism as an ideology rightly perceived as failed and discredited, populism stands, taller than ever, as the only obstacle in the path of plutocrats who seek to reduce all of the people of the world to economic and political slavery under a Global Plantation. Thus the populist alternative is a critical subject.

In these pages are colorful biographies of some of America’s best-known populists (and some not so well-known) with emphasis on the populist philosophy that guided them in the public arena...
Do you know who these great populist figures are?
• Two American presidents (See Chapter I and Chapter II)
• Two of America’s most powerful newspaper publishers (See Chapter VI and Chapter X)
• Two of the most influential (and controversial) American men of letters (See Chapter XI and Chapter XIII)
• The greatest inventor in modem history (See Chapter HI)
• A Catholic priest (See Chapter XVII)
• An industrial giant—a household name (See Chapter VII)
These are just a handful of the fascinating subjects profiled in this momentous volume that is so timely and needed...

About the editor : Willis A. Carto, a native of Indiana, is best known as the founder and treasurer of Liberty Lobby, the Washington, D.C. based populist Institution (established in 1955). Carto is also the publisher of The Barnes Review, a monthly historical journal with readers in 31 nations around the globe.

Willis A. Carto

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