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Nazi UFO secrets, Thule, Vril & The Black Sun

During Adolf Hitler's rise to power, did a daring group of Nazi scholars and technicians learn the secrets of anti-gravity and space travel from extraterrestrials? If true, these conclusions may shock and amaze you. Get the facts about UFO Secrets of World War II - The 3rd Reich and beyond, in a way that will change the way we stare up at the stars for years to come.

Does The lurid tabloid myth of Nazi contact with space aliens and building flying saucers sound like the most outrageous science fiction ?
This same legend reconsidered from the radically altered view of Quantum Physics takes on dramatic plausibility ! Was the German 'Vril Society' simply making practical application of universal, free-energy Quantum-Physics technology ?" These questions and more are explored in this shocking documentary film that reveals the inside story about the Vril Society which became the inner circle of the Thule Society, who's focus was on establishing communications with a group of Extraterrestrials, that began colonizing the planet Earth over a half billion years ago from a dieing star system know as The Aldebaran Star System.


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