Carlos Whitlock Porter - Letters Part One


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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Letters Part One

A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies. - Letter from Catherine Colohen. Note on the Difference between Fascists and National Socialists. Half-Jewish Pro-Lifer Demands Retraction and Apology. From Tony Cavanaugh, Ex-British “Intelligence”. Gerard M. on Soviet Atrocities. From a Japanese-American (On the Chinese, Koreans and Hara-Kiri). From a Former U.S. Intelligence Officer on Irma Grese.

A collection of letters received by Carlos W. Porter, with his replies. A few excerpts :


Catherine Colohen: Laughably, you think that pointing out the incredible methods of murder alleged at Nuremberg somehow makes them untenable.

Carlos W. Porter: Makes what untenable? Do you really believe that the "steam chambers", "electrical chambers", "vacuum chambers", and the other obvious lies, most of them of Soviet origin, do not rather tend to discredit the Nuremberg evidence and judgment, even just a little bit ?

Colohen: Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Holocaust will continue to live on in human memory.

Porter: No doubt, because Jews will produce thousands of books, comic books, movies, and television shows about their "suffering", often in admitted works of fiction. You can turn on the television any hour of the day or night in any country on the face of the earth, and there will always be at least one show about "poor persecuted Jews" and their endless "suffering" and "sensitivity". Don't you think this has gone far enough ?


Colohen: Perhaps you... see no moral responsibility on the part of people such as yourself,...

Porter: I do not control the American news media, advertising, and entertainment; I do not control video pornography and violent video games; I do not make hundreds of billions of dollars by force-feeding the American public with unmitigated, endless filth, most of it of Jewish origin.

Colohen: ...but then you are the one who seeks to defend and exonerate the disgusting and barbaric actions of the Third Reich.

Porter: How about the disgusting and barbaric actions of Israel why we are at it ?

Colohen: Attempting to mock these facts is not to make them suddenly untrue.

Porter: What do YOU think of the "steam chambers"? Note that the technical installations were described in great detail; it was not a "rumor" that Jews were being steamed to death, it was a deliberate LIE.


Colohen: I would suggest that not only are you an extremely poor historian, you are also a rather sick and flawed human being.

Porter: As one sick and flawed human being to another, I am glad to meet you; by the way, is Colohen a Jewish name, or am I mistaken? To what do I owe this great honor?
Colohen: I would advise you to look deep within yourself to discover why you seek to deny these events.

Porter: The answer is very simple. It is called a love of truth - combined with anger at the destruction of my race, nation, civilization, culture, history, and my children's future, not to mention sheer disgust at the exclusive and obsessive focus upon Jewish "suffering", real or imagined.


Colohen: However, if you will persist in continuing to trumpet abroad these grave lies,...

Porter: The website consists mostly of graphics: are you saying I fabricated the pages I reproduced from the Nuremberg Trial transcript? Please be specific.

Colohen: ...I would be interested to see this letter and your response to it on your web site in the near future - you deluded Fascist.

Porter: This is the third time you have called me a Fascist, a word used almost exclusively by Marxists. Does that make you a Communist? A pinko? How about "Communist sympathizer"? Name calling is a game two can play, and it is a game that Jews are notoriously good at. In any case, the National Socialists were not Fascists. If you like, I will write an article on Fascism to help you perceive the differences. One thing the Fascists and National Socialists had in common was a love of country; a love of tradition, religion, and the family; a desire for social reform, and opposition to Marxism.

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