Carlos Whitlock Porter - Невиновные в Нюрнберге


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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Невиновные в Нюрнберге
Not Guilty at Nuremberg - Russian
Слово в защиту подсудимых

Uninformed people consider the "Nuremberg War Crimes Trials" as the ultimate proof of the guilt of the German leadership before and during World War II. The transcripts of the proceedings, however, tell an entirely different story. This volume contains the defense arguments put forward by the main defendants at the trials. It shows that the trials broke every legal precedent and procedure of evidence in the book.
Defendants were refused the right to cross-examine "witnesses", blatantly forged documents were accepted as genuine without question, and evidence indicating torture of suspects was struck out by order of the judges.
In addition, the blatant contradictions in the prosecution arguments (which saw the Germans charged with the exact same behavior as exhibited by the Allies during the war), combined with the persuasive counter arguments from the defendants themselves, provides a fascinating insight into the 1946 lynch-mob proceedings which masqueraded as "trials".

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Carlos Whitlock Porter - Not Guilty at Nuremberg Russian.jpg

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