Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - The nest leader's manual



Corneliu Zelea Codreanu - The nest leader's manual


After two years of terrible persecution, "chief nesting Booklet" Captain reappears into victory.
This handbook of life, organization and doctrine Legion, with pages in which they were born, many have fought and died fanatizaţi legionnaires, was persecuted and burned along with the bodies of our martyrs.


Keep this book and do not deviate from it.
It is thought the will of our nation's greatest guide to make a new man, a true elite, and a country like the holy sun in the sky.
E flame of infinite love for us, Captain.
It's the law over the centuries, for the Romanian people.
Greetings unaltered, because we want to grow in spirit.
So it will not darken the sky over our souls Romanian, Captain can not die.
We have it and lives in us.

Horia Sima

May 1933, Bucharest


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