David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma



David Wardlaw Scott - Terra firma
The Earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason, and fact.

This early work on Flat Earth was originally published in 1901. It comprises a comprehensive series of essays which use scripture, reason and fact that prove that the earth is not a globe. The text makes for an entertaining and informative read, providing a wonderful insight into the philosophy of a bygone age.

Its chapters include discussions of :
The Adamic Creation,
The Nebular Hypothesis : Examinatin of three Alleged Proofs of the World’s Globarity,
The Horizontality of Land and Water Proved,
The Sun, according to the Scriptures,
The Deluge-Biblical Account,
The Great Deep a Proof that the Earth is not a globe... and much, much more !

Flat Earth - PDF
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Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth
Sundials, moondials, the Midnight Sun, the great variety of daylight hours at different places/seasons, the nature of light and shadows all prove we are living on a flat motionless plane, not a spinning ball planet.


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