Emmanuel Malynski & Léon de Poncins - The occult war


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Emmanuel Malynski - Léon De Poncins - The occult war
The judeo-masonic plan to conquer the world

Emmanuel Malynski spent thirty years of his life directly observing the development of the modern revolutionary movement around the world, devoting an almost visionary intelligence and clear-mindedness to this task.
Born in Russian Poland in an age in which the social organisation was still largely feudal, he witnessed the birth and rise of industrial capitalism, paving the way to Bolshevism. In practical terms, he lived through several centuries of history, since this development first began in our lands during the Renaissance, only to reach its flowering after the French Revolution.
He directly experienced the collapse of Tsarism and was a first-hand witness to the triumph of Bolshevism. After becoming a Polish citizen with the re-establishment of Poland, he witnessed the implementation of the agricultural reforms that followed the Great War.
A sportsman, renowned fencer, and one of the first pilots, he had perfect spoken and written command of many languages and possessed an extraordinary and wide-ranging culture. There was hardly a corner of the world he had not visited and studied: from India to Japan, he travelled through ancient Asia before it had become completely perverted by contact with the West. In America he directly observed the triumph of capitalism and industrialisation in its various stages; he got to know the main ghettos of eastern Europe, also saw them in New York, and observed Zionism at work in Palestine.
He gazed at everything with the objectiveness of a thinker who sees things sub specie Aeternitatis, and the conclusions he reached regarding the crisis of the modern world are the most profound ever formulated.
Years in advance, he foresaw and heralded what is now occurring. Indeed, he was so ahead of contemporary thought that he was misunderstood in his own day.
He was one of the first - even ahead of Max Weber and Werner Sombart - to grasp the profoundly Jewish essence of modern capitalism and to show its affinities with Bolshevism.
He was one of the first to realise what support certain exaggerated forms of nationalism unwittingly lend themselves to international subversion.
He was one of the first to fathom the metaphysical essence of the revolutionary movement, showing that what is taking place is actually a religious war, an age-old and worldwide clash between two antagonistic worldviews.

collaboration this book has sprung, which explores the secret history of subversion, a terrifying history that has never been written before, but which is starting to come to light.
I could have supported this work’s claims through documentary evidence, but this would only have weighed down a text that is already rich enough. Those interested will find most of this evidence in my other works.

Because of its innovative historical insights and of Malynski’s bold, yet carefully thoughtout ideas, this book has elicited both heated enthusiasm and violent criticism, as witnessed by the many letters I have received from readers. It would have been interesting to publish some of these, along with a reply, but this would have required considerable research and would have further lengthened a book that is already dense enough.
I have limited myself to re-editing the text without changing anything, but with the intention of complementing it with another work which will not - as in this case - be a history of the revolutionary principles at work in the modern world, but rather a study of such principles in themselves.
Thus, loyal to the memory of Count Malynski, I will endeavour to complete his task and to carry it on into the future.

August 1938
Léon de Poncins

Emmanuel Malynski & Léon de Poncins - La guerra oculta
Emmanuel Malynski & Léon de Poncins - La guerre occulte
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