Itsvan Bakony - Jews want to dominate the negroes



Itsvan Bakony - Jews want to dominate the negroes

1982 - Library of political secrets

One of the main Jewish infiltrations in peoples of black race are the "Falasha" of Ethiopia, whose skin is black and who have the physical aspect of the negroes of the African continent. Some of them live in huts, like those of the poorest African negroes and are dressed with simple trunks as readers may attest in the pictures included in this chapter, which were taken from the Castilian Jewish Encyclopedia and the Jewish Encyclopedia, Israelite documents of utmost authority in Judaism.

It is convenient for Judaism to infiltrate among the poor classes of the population, so that revolutionary leaders may appear in those classes to control the poor workers and peasants and launch them to the revolutions promoted by Jewish imperialism to conquer power over the gentile nations. The same thing happens in latin America, where the hidden Jewish power has clandestine Israelite communities in the countryside, in mountain ranges and wild regions both in Brazil and in the nations from Mexico to Chile and Argentina that were a part of the Spanish Empire.

These clandestine communities were formed since the 16th century with marranos, that is to say, Spanish and Portuguese clandestine Jews, that eluding the laws that forbade the emigration to the New World of Spanish and Portuguese Christians who descended from Jews, could settle in the different colonies of the Spanish Empire in America and Brazil. Persecuted by the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions, many of them had to flee to the mountain ranges and to the woods, founding towns sometimes in far away regions, out from the scope of the Inquisition. Through mixed marriages with Indians, they started a lineage of Jews mixed with American Indians, who having very Christian names and Spanish or Portuguese last names, are a part of the population of the Latin American countries of Spanish language and they cannot be distinguished from the rest of the people, because their families have also been Catholic in public for centuries and they are still Catholic, although they practice Judaism in secret.

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