Jared Taylor - Race differences in intelligence



Jared Taylor - Race differences in intelligence

This video is about racial differences in IQ as the reason there are economic disparities between African people and people of European descent.

This is considered one of the first videos that inspired the anti-Christian, anti-Gentile and Jewish Supremacist Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) to begin pressuring monopolistic Internet companies, like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, PayPal, and other gargantuan companies, to suppress politically incorrect people and censor ideas which contradict the Jewish supremacist vision for Western Civilization, which is egalitarianism, equality, multiculturalism, and multiracial diversity for the Goyim (aka Gentiles / non-Jews), but the opposite for Jews ("us versus them") which is ethnocentrism, racism, bigotry, and apartheid in Israel. In other words, it's one set of ideas promoted for the Gentiles, another set of ideas promoted for Jews, by the very same people. The goal of Jewry is to forever promote "us versus them" mentality in Jews as the ultimate good, and in Gentiles to promote "us versus them" as the epitome of evil. Another major goal of the Jews is to prevent people of European descent from organizing on their own behalf.

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