John Plaster - The ultimate sniper


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John Plaster - The ultimate sniper
An advanced training manual for military and police snipers

When John Plasters The Ultimate Sniper was released in 1993, it was hailed as an instant classic in the sniping community, influencing an entire generation of military and police marksmen around the world. Now, this revolutionary book has been completely updated and expanded for the 21st century.Through revised text, new photos, specialised illustrations, updated charts and additional information sidebars, The Ultimate Sniper once again thoroughly details the three great skill areas of sniping; marksmanship, fieldcraft and tactics.This new edition includes the latest tactics and techniques from the frontlines of the War on Terror, including the mountains, deserts and urban areas of the Middle East and Central Asia; analysis of evolving techniques including lasers, night vision, FLIR and ballistics programmes; an all-new chapter on countersniping lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan; and detailed ballistics and trajectory data for sniper ammunition.

Weapons and explosives - PDF
Survival - PDF
Urban riots - PDF

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