Macaba - The road back



Macaba - The road back
A plan for the restoration of freedom When our country has been taken over by its enemies...


This book is dedicated to those heroes of the past, and present, who sacrificed their lives & fortunes, in defense of liberty. It is dedicated to those, who have fought for freedom in every corner of the world. They fought, and died, in the cities, and in the countryside of their native lands. They died without recognition, without medals, and often time without decent burial. They took little note of hopeless odds. They fought on, without hope of victory, and with inferior numbers and weapons. They were the bravest of the brave. Time cannot erose their names,
Now, as this day dawns there are those who would chisel the memory of their sacrifices from the history of our people. The enemies of freedom walk upon the land that men of honor rescued with the blood spilled from their veins. Political prostitutes grip tighten the reins of government, and traders plunder their treasures and empty them into the coffers of the enemy. Evil men sit in high places and degenerates do their bidding. How much more of the sickness and men of honor into her before they hurl the scum into oblivion ? How much...

It is hoped that this book, with the help of God, will strengthen the arms of those who fight for liberty. There by Will it be preserved for my family and friends, my country, for the world In days to come...

Dedication - To the heroes of liberty
The Declaration of Independence - The right of revolution
Introduction - The army of the people

Chapter 1 - General organization
Chapter 2 - Recruiting methods
Chapter 3 - Underground railway
Chapter 4 - Intelligence
Chapter 5 - Communications by radio
Chapter 6 - Communications other than radio
Chapter 7 - Supply
Chapter 8 - Weapons, firearms
Chapter 9 - Weapons other than firearms
Chapter 10 - Unconventional weapons
Chapter 11 - ABC warfare
Chapter 12 - Sabotage
Chapter 13 - Propaganda
Chapter 14 - Guerrilla medicine
Chapter 15 - Fronts
Chapter 16 - Urban warfare
Chapter 17 - Scouting patrolling
Chapter 18 - Identification
Chapter 19 - Training and indoctrination
Chapter 20 - Epilogue

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