Mantracking and mantrapping


Jack Kearney - Tracking
A blueprint for learning how
Kearney put his years of experience in tracking border-jumpers and lost persons to good use to teach you the fundamentals of tracking humans. The step-by-step learning method is the best I've ever been exposed to. This book is absolutely the best way of learning this ancient skill short of attending a live course. Kearney helps you to build fundamental skills rapidly, and he helps you to avoid the common mistakes that beginners often make.

Rex Applegate - Scouting and patrolling
Ground Reconnaissance Principles and Training
In our present era of the electronic battlefield, it is wise to realize that some aspects of warfare are unchanging. Scouting and Patrolling is concerned with ground reconnaissance principles that have changed little in the past 200 years. Richard Rodgers, leader of the famed Rodgers' Rangers during the French and Indian War, first laid down the tenets of scouting and patrolling for his elite group of guerrilla fighters. These tenets are still the key to winning battles, particularly in the small brushfire conflicts taking place in third world areas.

Ragnar Benson - Mantrapping
Introcution. Without question, man can be the most difficult animal on earth to trap. Humans are certainly more intelligent than any other creature. Except in rare instances, however, they do not possess the individual sensory keenness that other species of mammals do.

Ragnar Benson - The most dangerous game
Advanced mantrapping techniques
Several compelling reasons exist for writing a second book on the subject of mantrapping. Judging by the number of letters I have received from readers, people are out there putting the information I presented in Mantrapping to good use. There is no doubt that survival-oriented paramilitarists are making day-to-day use of the principles and tactics of mantrapping. Good sales of my previous book on the subject in certain countries in the world (Canada and Australia are two examples) are especially surprising since these nations prohibit the sale or advertising of this type of book. It should come as a shock that most supposedly macho paramilitary magazines and papers in the United States won't carry an ad for Mantrapping, and none of the "blood-and-guts" books are advertised even in the supposedly macho blood-and-guts magazines. Another reason for writing a second volume on mantrapping is that in the intervening years since my first book on the subject, I have again taken quite a few international assignments, mostly in rural, difficult-to-reach places. In many cases, a war was going on in the place I was working. In that context I saw, or in a few cases even used, some new kinds of mantraps that I knew would be of interest to paramilitarists.

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