Scott Alan Roberts - The secret history of the reptilians



Scott Alan Roberts - The secret history of the reptilians
The pervasive presence of the serpent in human history, religion, and alien mythos

About the Author
SCOTT ALAN ROBERTS is the founder and publisher of Intrepid Magazine (, a publication that boasts an eclectic focus on science, politics, culture, ancient civilizations, conspiracies, ancient aliens, and unexplained phenomena.
Roberts is an accomplished illustrator and writer of fiction and non-fiction. He can be more or less defined by his roles as Dad and Husband, and is a parent to five exuberant children, three of whom are still young enough to live at home. These ingredients combined have made Roberts’s life a paradoxical roller coaster of hellacious joy and insightful befuddlement, and were it not for his selfacclaimed buoyant, easy-going nature, he insists he would most assuredly have lost his sanity a long time ago.
Having spent the bulk of the last 25 years in advertising as a creative director, designer, and illustrator, Roberts’s background is laced with varied and diverse skills and experience in publishing and marketing. He possesses an astute flare for the visually dramatic, demonstrated in his various ventures from theatre to comic book art and publishing, as well as advertising campaigns and public speaking.
After two years in a Christian bible college, he entered seminary, pursuing his Masters in Divinity (Mdiv) and worked as a youth director alongside his advertising career. His religious studies intensified his natural interest in spirituality, and his research of the paranormal expanded throughout the following years, much to the chagrin of many of his former Bible school fellows.
Shortly after his seminary years, Roberts began a small comic book publishing effort, writing and illustrating stories, which were also pitched as animated television series. He developed and published The Bloodlore Chronicles, as well as the highly successful Ancient Heroes trading card series, and began development on a series of chapter books. He authored and illustrated his first historical teen novel, The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O’Hare, which garnered success in the teen and college markets in 2008 and 2009.
Roberts began his delve into paranormal investigation in 1999 by co-hosting and producing Three Horizons Paranormal Radio airing in Oklahoma City and several affiliates. He simultaneously launched a fledgling paranormal investigative long before the pop culture of paranormal investigation was “all the rage.”
Roberts’s current projects include Tam O’Hare and the Banshee of BallyGlenMorrow, the second in his series of Tam O’Hare historical novels, and a more scholarly effort on the historical Moses, tentatively entitled The Grimoire of Moses: An Historical Exploration of the Majick and Mysticism Behind The Great Exodus and Its Enigmatic Leader, co-authored with archaeologist/anthropologist Dr. John Ward. He is also working on a joint authoring effort with INTREPID Magazine partner Micah Hanks, At Odds : The Pervasive, Perpetual Conflict Between Science and Religion.
Roberts is a standup philosopher, and frequent guest speaker at many conferences and events around the country and abroad. He is the former Editor-In-Chief of TAPS ParaMagazine, the official publication of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters.
Roberts currently lives with his family not far from the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area, where he grew up and lived most of his life. You can see more visiting his Website

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