The Creativity Movement - Imperium 16



Imperium number 16

Indictment : sect !
Take down the American flag
Shootings, rebels and gays, oh my !
White Racial loyalists exposed !

Take down the American flag by Rev Matt Hale
I have been absolutely disgusted by the latest attack upon our White heritage by black cultural terrorists and the White traitor politicians who are helping them. For make no mistake, the attack upon the Confederate flag is an attack upon our White people themselves. These scoundrels want to destroy every feeling of pride and self-respect in our people. Indeed, their aim is to turn the White man into the slave of the nigger !
Today they want to take down the Confederate flag. Tomorrow, however, they'll want to take down the Confederate war memorials, take down street signs bearing the names of Confederate leaders, and expunge the heroism of the Confederacy from our children's history books altogether.
They are seeking the cultural genocide of the White Southern people the same way they are trying to erase our White race from this country as a whole. I therefore stand against this latest sick attack on our people and urge others to do so as well. ...

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