Tom Watson - The Leo Frank case - AudioBook


Tom Watson - The Leo Frank case - AudioBook
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WE ARE approaching the 102nd anniversary of the lynching of Leo Frank, which will take place on August 17. Why was Leo Frank lynched? - and why was he lynched, not by a mob of illiterate haters, but by an assemblage of community leaders and eminent citizens? Does the current media story about Leo Frank - that he was an innocent victim of widespread and “virulent” anti-Semitism - really hold true when we examine the facts ?

It is impossible to understand the lynching of Leo Frank without reading and understanding the works of Tom Watson, virtually the only major journalist of his time who bucked the trend - and refused the money proffered him to take a pro-Frank stance - and saw in the Leo Frank media circus a litany of lies, misrepresentations, bribes, perjury, and propaganda designed to nearly deify a man who was a convicted strangler and defiler of little girls.

You hear a lot about Tom Watson from the “mainstream” media - invariably denouncing him - but you almost never get even a complete paragraph from them of what he actually said about the Leo Frank case.

To help you understand the viewpoint of Mr. Watson, we now present for the first time the complete text, with new added audio book renditions by Vanessa Neubauer, of all of his writings on the Frank case, exactly as published in his Watson’s Magazine in 1915. Just click on the links to read each article, where you’ll see an audio player embedded after the first paragraph which will allow you to hear the audio book version.

Audio Books Based on the Works of Tom Watson

Watson.jpgThomas Edward Watson (September 5, 1856 - September 26, 1922) was an American politician, attorney, newspaper editor and writer from Georgia. In the 1890s Watson championed poor farmers as a leader of the Populist Party, articulating an agrarian political viewpoint while attacking business, bankers, railroads, Democratic President Grover Cleveland, and the Democratic Party. He was the nominee for vice president with Democrat William Jennings Bryan in 1896 on the Populist ticket.

Elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1890, Watson pushed through legislation mandating Rural Free Delivery, called the "biggest and most expensive endeavor" ever instituted by the U.S. postal service. Politically, he was a leader on the left in the 1890s, calling on poor whites and poor blacks to unite against the elites. After 1900, however, he shifted to nativist attacks on blacks and Catholics (and after 1914 on Jews). Two years before his death, he was elected to the United States Senate; however, he died while still in office.

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