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White Date - For European singles

WhiteDate.NET is a whites-only online dating site, which helps the European people to meet and date. If you’re looking for your perfect traditional partner, and desire to give love a try, this dating portal allows you to connect with ideal white men and women in Europe. Therefore, the website makes love just a click away !
Online dating has made it very easy and comfortable for Europeans to choose their partners. With WhiteDate.NET, you can meet your prospective spouse and have a beautiful future. The platform does not promote the idea of flings and casual dating. The purpose of this dating platform is to promote the idea of long-lasting love, harmonious marriages, and healthy families with children.

Marrying within the same cultural background reduces conflicts that may occur in the future. WhiteDate.NET aims at helping young white people meet and fall in love without being judged or misunderstood. The brains behind WhiteDate.NET understand that common cultural heritage helps in building romance in harmony and also believe in sharing a relationship with people who belong to the same background as you are.

Mixing of cultures does not allow the white youth to give each other a proper chance. WhiteDate.NET helps in offering a wise chance to white youth by acting as a mediator between them.
If you are looking for someone who is invested in the culture, WhiteDate.net is just the right platform for you.

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Dear women of the West – Without White Children we will perish
Have you ever wondered why our education system did not teach us about the importance of a healthy demography for White, European people ?
If we want our line to continue, we will need to start ignoring the teaching and preaching by academia, media and politics related to men and women being “equal” and more morally responsible for racial out-groups than for our in-group.
We were made to forget that one of the main solutions lies in the hand of Western women and that is in their attitude towards men and traditional values. We need to relearn everything.

Ladies, Here is why women should choose trad life
When did education, media and politics explain to you that motherhood is one of the most important things in our society as it is the premise to the survival of our people ? Exactly, never !
Nor have we heard at school, like our grandmothers still did: That a family needs to bring up 3 children to maintain (!) our demography or that long lasting relationships and strong families are the foundation of healthy societies.

Looking back, in the 50s education starting to teach boys and girls exactly the same things obviously did not prepare boys for homemaking and motherhood but prepared girls to become a good worker for a company, obedient to a boss and a hierarchy, to basically become their own provider; the job that used to be for men thus taking away men’s core mission in society.
Women have been fooled

Who we are – The question of White Identity
We are the people from Celtic, Germanic, Finno-Ugric, Baltic, Slavic and Italic stock. We are the Europides only partially defined by the terms ‘Caucasian’ or ‘Caucasoid’ that includes several peoples we would not feel much belonging to due to optic, linguistic, religious and cultural differences.

We are the so called ‘Whites’ to distinguish us from ‘Blacks, ‘Latinos’, ‘Asians’, ‘Indians’, ‘Arabs’ and other terms defining ethnic in-groups.
Over centuries our men have created and invented architecture, machines, medical and electronic devices, literature, music and fashion that has shaped most parts of the world. Just think about whatever technical device you are using on a daily basis and research by whom its prototype was invented: Very often you will find a white man.
Like all other ethnic groups whites too have the right to preserve their heritage. Like all other ethnic groups whites too have the right to practicing in-group preference when it comes to association and dating. Unfortunately, the right to free association has been taken from us by several of our governments, and we are not happy about that.
Realizing the disastrous impact these political decisions had and will have on our way of life, our prosperity and especially our security, we claim our right to practice in-group preference like all the other ethnicities naturally do for dating, socializing, collectivizing, and lobbying: Equal rights for everybody.

What you need to know to find your dream partner
Take this bit of advice before your start using our white people dating site.

White strategy - What we need to do
For those who are just having a heart attack because they have been brainwashed into believing that the word 'Hail' is somehow evil please note that it is an ancient European term to cheer, salute, greet, welcome or to approve enthusiastically of something or to publicly praise someone. If we can hail a taxi, we can, in good conscience, hail White Survival.

Les rencontres entre Blancs pour sauver la France et la Civilisation Européenne
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Matthew Hale - The racial loyalist manifesto Hyperborée - Aux sources de l'Europe - Les