Joseph P. Widney - Race life of the Aryan peoples



Joseph P. Widney - Race life of the Aryan peoples

Volume 1 : The old world
Volume 2 : The new world

Every masterful race of the world's history has its epic. It is the tale of the fathers told to the sons.
But side by side with the spoken epic is another, unspoken, yet truer and deeper. It is the tale of the race life, not told in words, but lived in deeds done. And the epic lived is always more wonderful than the epic told. The true epic is found, not in the story of the battles or of the deeds of the rulers, but in the race life. In the perspective of time men become less, man grows greater. Race life is broader, deeper, richer than the life of any man, or of any men. The great men of a race are only an evolution of its race force; and the reserve force is greater than its product. They are indices, race marks. The great man is as the mountain peak; for the mountains that loom up above the wide-spread plain are not the land; they are only the land-marks, marks of the land. Kings are the accident; the people, the law. The Greek colonies, not Ilium and Atreides Agamemnon, are the true epic of Hellas, vastly more marvelous. So of the Aryan folk; not the Vedas, not the Avestas, not the Iliad, or the Nibelungen, or Beowulf, but the marvelous tale of what the Aryan man has lived-how he has subdued the wild and waste lands-how he has made the desert to blossom as the rose-how he has built up empire with ax and plow, and has sailed the unknown paths of the seas ; - these are his true race epic.
The others are only as the fairy tales which old wives tell to their children. We read between the lines of the written epic to find the truer and greater epic which lies beyond.
This book is an attempt to unfold somewhat of the race epic which the Aryan peoples have lived.

Los Angeles, January 1907.


Joseph Pomeroy Widney, M.D. D.D. LL.D (December 26, 1841 – July 4, 1938) was an American physician, clergyman, entrepreneur-philanthropist, educator, and on many topics.

He was the second President of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and the founding dean of the USC School of Medicine. He was one of the founders and first general superintendents of the Church of the Nazarene, and primary founder of the Los Angeles County Medical Association. One of the "most conspicuous Southern Californians of his generation", Widney was a cultural leader in Los Angeles for nearly seventy years.

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