Wing-Commander Leonard Young - Deadlier than the H-Bomb


Wing-Commander Leonard Young - Deadlier than the H-Bomb

Having fought against tyranny for thousands of years and having been sustained by a strong faith throughout, first the Druidic and then the Christian, are we now going to let our Christian and British faith and traditions go by default and tamely submit to the worst tyranny the world has ever known?
The author claims that we are in the process of destruction by something deadlier than the H-bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation.
Is there a secret plan for the destruction of the Western way of life? Many famous sailors and soldiers have written on this theme. Here a retired Air Force officer comes to similar conclusions. He quotes from a confidential document of the Political and Economic Planning Organisation :

"You may use, without acknowledgement, anything which appears in this broadsheet on the understanding that the broadsheet and the group are not publicly mentioned, either in writing or otherwise. This strict anon­ymity is essential in order that the group may prove effective."

He describes this work of P.E.P. as "Sovietism by stealth". He quotes many famous statesmen in support of his contention. Thus Lloyd George, writing about the inter-national bankers' part in the Versailles Conference :

"They swept statesmen, politicians, jurists and jour­nalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees."

Of the New York Stock Exchange collapse between the wars he quotes Senator L. T. McFadden, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Currency Commission, who declared :

“It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence . . . the international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all."

Whether you agree with all the author's conclusions you will certainly have to admit that there are forces behind the political scene which are DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB


1. Early British History
2. The Jews
3. The Khazars
4. The Jews in Britain
5. Money Lending
6. Some Effects of the Usury System
7. Two Jewish Plans
8. The Poison in Britain
9. The Poison in America
10. The League of Nations
11. Hitler
12. The War
13. Winston Churchill
14. The Plot in America
15. The United Nations
16. Post War Britain
17. A Hint from the Bible
18. Famous Men on the Jews
19. Other Means of Assault by the Jews
20. The Remedy



After the Second World War and twenty-nine years in the Services, I retired to civil life. Instead of being able to settle down peacefully, I have found myself in a world in turmoil and in constant dread of the H-Bomb. This dread is being used to terrorise people into all sorts of courses. Like many others, I do not think that atomic war is inevitable. In trying to assess the situation I have come to realise that we are in the process of actual destruction by something deadlier than the H-Bomb; something which in our blindness, we are allowing to corrode the props of our culture and civilisation; insidiously and relentlessly.

In this book I have tried to show the development of the main lines of attack, to sound the alarm and to introduce the reader to a number of other works on the subject which expound various necessary truths and remedies.

Leonard Young - May 1956 Winscombe, Somerset.


The events of the last half-century, and particularly the last decade, give us every cause to pause and think where we are going. The transformation which has taken place is stupendous and very much for the worse. The greatest mistake that can be made is to regard events as episodic and that it is just the mistake which our polit­icians, press, historians, economists, etc., persist in making, although it does not require much investigation to realise that there is a design behind events and that we are in the culminating period of a long and carefully prepared plot, which has been carried out with diabolical cunning and remarkable efficiency.

In this booklet an attempt will be made to give an outline of history sufficient to support the above statement. It must be realised that an immense amount of history has been written with the intention of hiding the truth. So a great deal of what is said here may come as a surprise to most people. Also, to cover so much ground in such a small space is very difficult and only an outline can be given. But to enable any reader who may wish to verify what is said or pursue the subject further, a bibliography is given at the end.

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