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Thomas Martinez & John Guinther - Brotherhood of Murder

Thomas Martinez with John Guinther - Brotherhood of Murder … -of-Murder

Martinez was a member of the right-wing fanatic organization The Order, which was responsible for the 1984 murder of Denver talk-show host Allan Berg. an outspoken foe of the luna tic right.
"With coauthor Guinther, Martinez tells of his arrest for passing counterfeit money, his disenchantment with The Order and his part in helping to prosecute its members," found PW.

Now a SHOWTIME Original Motion Picture starring William Baldwin, Kelly Lynch, and Peter Gallagher, Brotherhood of Murder chronicles the dramatic true story of Tom Martinez, a man who was undercover for the FBI in one of America's most dangerous white supremist terrorist groups. Given the recent tragic hate-crime shootings, this classic non-fiction book is more relevant than ever. Growing up poor, white and angry on the mean streets of Philadelphia, Tom Martinez was ready for action. And he found it with Bob Mathews, founder of the most violent secret racist society in America, The Order.
The charismatic Mathews was a leader Martinez could follow to hell and back. And he did - through counterfeiting, knowledge of bombings, robbery and murder, and, finally, horrified awareness. Martinez had been seduced by the rhetoric into a group whose racial hatred resulted in the largest armored car robbery in American history, and the killing of Denver talk-show host Alan Berg. Here is his riveting story: the vivid, harrowing details of life inside The Order, and how he regained his conscience and his manhood by going undercover for the FBI to bring the group down. Thomas Martinez has refused the security of the Witness Protection Program. To this day he journeys across the country, a marked man, risking his life to warn of the dangers of the neo-Nazi right. His extraordinary story packs the power of a first-rate thriller. But in America today, it is the bone-chilling truth.
This story packs the power of a first-rate thriller!

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