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Space Synth


Marco Rochowski
Greatest Hits 2005

Marco Rochowski - Greatest Hits - 2005 WAWA CONSPI.rar (138.18 MB)

01-Marco Rochowski - Itopian Sky
02-Marco Rochowski - Into Eternity
03-Marco Rochowski - Breaking Dimensions
04-Marco Rochowski - The Journey
05-Marco Rochowski - Creature of Light
06-Marco Rochowski - Beoynd the Gates of Time
07-Marco Rochowski - Creature of Light
08-Anders Lundqvist & Marco Rochowski (Macrocosm) - First Mission (Remix)
09-Marco Rochowski - Star Crusader
10-Marco Rochowski - Magic History (Uplifting Remix)
11-Marco Rochowski - Discohunter
12-Marco Rochowski - Through the Starry Night
13-Marco Rochowski - Game of Love
14-Marco Rochowski - Loneliness (PSI Mix)

Marco was born on the 13th of October 1973 in Gelsenkirchen Germany. His foray into music was at the age of 7 when his parents bought him a Bontempi Organ. But his real fascination into music occurred in 1986 when on a music program he saw :
Koto perform "Jabdah". This track had such a profound effect on him that he had to have more of this music. He was fascinated with artists such as Laserdance, Hipnosis and Cyber People, later on he discovered other synthesizer artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer and Tangerine Dream. Marco started creating his own studio tracks; he began to compose as well as record demo tracks on his 4 x 6 recorder. Marco released his 1st CD in collaboration with his friend and DJ under the name Q-Base back in 1997, the Maxi Single's name was "Everlasting". In 2001 Marco got in touch with a Swedish artist by the name of Anders Lundqvist. Together they formed Macrocosm and in the following year produced their collaborative effort titled "First Mission" which was released by Hypersound Records. The next Macrocosm album titled "Second Voyage" was released in 2005. In addition to his Macrocosm work, Marco has also produced many tracks for Hypersound featured on the Synthesizer Dance Series. From the year 2008 Marco has started to work with SPACESOUND RECORDS.


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Re: Space Synth

Marco Rochowski Megamix


Mixed by DJ SpaceMouse - 2008

DJ SpaceMouse - 2008 - Marco-Rochowski Megamix.mp3 (59.51 MB)


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