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Hermann L. Strack - The Jew and human sacrifice

Hermann L. Strack

The Jew and human sacrifice
Human Blood and Jewish Ritual - An Historical and Sociological Inquiry … -Sacrifice

Blood-ritual. The Alexandrine grammarian Apion (first half of the first century A.D.) accused the Jews according to Josephus ("Contra Apionem," II., 8), that every year they fattened up a Greek in the temple, and then made of him a victim for sacrifice, and consumed part of his entrails, whilst they swore to be enemies of the Greeks.


Human Blood and Jewish Ritual : An Historical and Sociological Inquiry
London, Cope And Fenwick. 1909, Eighth Edition

Originally published 1891 (in German).

From the Preface to the first Three editions 7
From the Preface to the Fourth edition 9
Preface to the Re-written Re-modelled work (5th-8th
editions) 12
Preface to the English Translation 17
I. Introduction?Bibliography 18
II. Human Sacrifice?"Blood Ritual" 30
III. Human Blood Serves to Ratify the given word . . 43
IV. The Blood of other Persons used for Healing
Purposes 60
V. Human Blood Cures Leprosy 62
VI. Utilisation of One's own blood 66
VII. Blood of Executed Persons : Hangman's Rope . . 70
VIII. Corpses and Parts of Corpses 77
IX. Animal Blood 85
X. Waste and Evacuations of Human and Animal
Bodies 88
XT. The Blood Superstition as a Cause of Crime . . 89
XII. Blood Superstition Among Criminals and its
Consequences 105
XIII. Superstition among Dements : Crimes Owing to
Religious Mania 118
XIV. What does the Jewish Religious Law say about
the partaking of Blood and the utilisation of
portions of Corpses 123

XV. Popular Therapeutics of Blood Superstition
within the Jewish people 132
XVI. Is the use of Christian Blood required or allowed
for any rite whatever of the Jewish I'eligion ? . . 147
XVII. The Austrian Professor and Canon Aug. Rohling . 155
XVIII. The Pretended Evidence of History for Jewish
Ritual Murder 169
XIX. Contradiction of the "Blood Accusation" by
pious Jews as well as Christians 236
XX. About the Origin of the "Blood Accusation" . . 275


The Jew and human sacrifice, like a germ in a microscop

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