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Fogiel Max - The Essentials of Electric & Electronics

Fogiel Max
The Essentials of Electric & Electronics


Fogiel Max - The Essentials of Electronic Circuits.pdf (5.44 MB) … ctronics-1
Fogiel Max - The Essentials of Electric Circuits.pdf (3.48 MB) … circuits-1


This book is a review and study guide. It is compregensive and it is concise.

It helps in preparing for exams, in doing homework, and remains a handy reference source at all times. It condenses the vast amount of detail characteristic of the subject matter and summarizes the essentials of the field. It will thus save hours of study and preparation time.

The book provides quick access to the important facts, principles, theorems, concepts, and equations of the field. Materials needed for exams, can be reviewed in summary form eliminating the need to read and re-read many pages of textbook and class notes. The summaries will even tend to bring detail to mind that had been previously read or noted.

This "Essentials" book has been carefully prepared by educators and professionals and was subsequently reviewed by another group of editors to assure accuracy and maximum usefulness.

Dr. Max Fogiel
Program Director

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