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Odinism - The Way of the True Warrior

The Way of the True Warrior


Odinism The Way of the True Warrior.pdf (2.11 MB) … ue-warrior

A collection of short articles dealing with Odinism and bikers.

* Introduction
* The World in Turmoil
* The Unifying force
* Fear is Failure!
* Spiritual Consciousness
* The Quest
* Proper Behavior Toward Women
* Aryan Bearing


This was not written for the masses.

The vast majority of people these days don't read anyway; and it has been correctly stated that "those who won't read have no advantage over those who can't read."
This was written for you. The White bikers of the western world. The Aryan warriors. The tried-and-true brothers and sisters who have already seen many battles of many kinds; at home, and perhaps, abroad.
You know your freedom is in danger. You've seen political groups come and go, with varying degrees of success — or lack of it. You see White civilization sinking even deeper, as our once-proud people become "accustomed" to mongrelization and the passive herd-mentality of sheep. You do not need to be taught the basics; the importance of race and culture, the need for resistance to oppressive, anti-Aryan authority.
Some of you were active in what was loosely termed "the movement," in an attempt to fight back. And after years of fruitless struggle, you'd had enough; your meager resources were tapped out, your energy drained.
You drifted alone, until you fell in with the biking brotherhood, Here were others who shared your thoughts, your experiences, your hopes and dreams, Sound familiar so far? Good. Then keep going.

Perhaps you finally came to the conclusion that the world was "going to hell on a sled," and there was simply damned little that you could do about it."FTW." Ride, party, and live honorably — what else can ya do?

But then, perhaps, came the seed of an idea. What if your like-minded bro's could get it together to form their own small community, their own "tribe"? Those of us who have ridden with any type of club have tasted that sort of brotherhood. And if only the demands of jobs, personal projects, and the world, weren't in the way — you could do it, couldn't you?
Maybe sometimes you wonder, "is anyone else out there"? Or is the notion of an Aryan tribal enclave just a pipe dream?  Perhaps it will help to take a look around, at what's happening in the world today.
The Aryan racial spirit is again on the rise, and we'll discuss this in some detail a little later on.

But what is it that motivates this Aryan spirit ? What is it's essence?

Have you also noticed a revival of interest in all things having to do with our ancient ancestors, the Vikings? It's a strong clue. More and more clubs seem to be popping up with Viking-inspired names and/or patches. Articles in the biker magazines have occasionally dealt with the "Viking trip" in some form or fashion. Artwork on gas tanks, paper, and the skin also reflect this theme.
It is no coincidence. There is a "soul," an essence, a connecting thread at work here. In this day and age, most of the ignorant masses wonder around as though they were separate, disjointed particles of matter. In their high and mighty " liberalized" wisdom, they scoff and sneer at what us rotten ol' racists have known all along; that our Aryan race is more than just the sum of its individual "parts." The race itself has a "greater soul," of which we are all a part. This Racial Soul is the well-spring of our consciousness, our culture, our abilities and our creativity. That is why, as we all know, we must strive to keep the race as pure as possible.
This is the "force," or at least one expression of the overall force of the universe. It guides us, shapes us, and helps us. And in our hour of need and desperation, the racial soul-force prepares to fight for its own survival — and ours, since we are a part of it. This force prepares to burst forth once again from its long age of sleep, and roar out its vengeance and defiance like the thunder of open pipes on a stroker.
And as our ancient ancestors knew, this force has a personality, a sentient life all its own, and a name :


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