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Lou Som Pau II
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Loompanics Golden Records


Loompanics' Golden Records


Michael Hoy


Michael Hoy - Loompanics Golden Records.pdf (18.04 MB) … en-Records … en-Records

LOOMPANICS' GOLDEN RECORDS Articles & Features from the Best Book Catalog in the World

Edited by Michael Hoy

Here is what they have been saying about the articles and lea tares published in the Loompanics Unlimited Book Catalog - The Best Book Catalog in the World:

"The word that best describes these rants, raps, outcries and artworks is anti-authoritarian.... you've probably got nothing else like it."

- Booklist
"...the hairiest, most anarchistic and amoral, most challenging articles... ideal reading for open minds, or minds struggling to open themselves..."

- Trajectories
"...the best-aimed controversial pieces, many on subjects shunned or forbidden to mainstream media. Grr; heh heh, tsk tsk; more power to 'em."

- Whole Earth Review
"Throw away your newspapers and magazines and execute a well-placed kick into your TV set."

"The variety keeps it entertaining... while the gems in its midst make it more revealing than many a more serious radical text."

- Anarchy
"Even the informative and benign articles are usually on unusual subjects or present unusual perspectives. Others are controversial to the point of seeming deliberately provocative... The essays... are so diverse, imaginative... and unpredictable, that there are ones which satisfy and repel any reader."

- The Small Press Book Review
"... essays and other features that are nothing if not, well, controversial and unusual. ...There's something to interest or offend practically everyone... A lot of strange stuff here, and too much of it disturbingly close to the way things are to be funny."

- New Pages
"Uniting all contributors to Loompanics is opposition to a strong or militaristic State... Loompanics is precisely the kind of publication that British and academic anarchists might think gives anarchism its bad name. However, what lies in these pages are pointers to certain facets of modern culture, such as the informal economy, 'crime TV,' and the individual lawbreaker as hero."

- Bulletin of Anarchist Research
Loompanics' Golden Records contains more than 40 articles and features from The Best Book Catalog in the World - loosen up, America.

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#2 02-07-2011 16:53:01

Lou Som Pau II
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Re: Loompanics Golden Records


Loompanics 2003 Catalog



Loompanics Catalog 2003.pdf (93.28 MB) … -the-world

Loompanics Unlimited was an American book seller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics, with a philosophy arguably tending to a mixture of libertarian and left wing ideals, although Loompanics carried books expressing other political viewpoints (including far right) as well as outspokenly apolitical ones. The topics in their title list included drugs, weapons, anarchism, sex, conspiracy theory, and so on. Many of their titles describe some kind of illicit or extralegal actions, such as Counterfeit I.D. Made Easy, while others are purely informative, like Opium for the Masses. Loompanics was in business for nearly 30 years. The publisher and editor was Michael Hoy.

Mike Hoy started Loompanics Unlimited in East Lansing, Michigan, in 1975. He later moved the business to Port Townsend, Washington, where his friend and fellow publisher R.W. Bradford had earlier located.

In January 2006, Loompanics announced that it was going out of business, and that it was selling off its inventory. In the spring of 2006, Paladin Press announced that it acquired the rights to 40 titles previously published or sold by Loompanics, including the works of Claire Wolfe, Eddie the Wire, and other popular Loompanics authors.

Last Earth Distro and FS Books acquired most of Loompanics back-stock, and some titles have been reprinted by Paladin Press and Delta Press.


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#3 02-07-2011 17:08:53

Lou Som Pau II
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Re: Loompanics Golden Records

David's tool kit
A citizen's guide to taking out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons

by Ragnar Benson.
Loompanics Unlimited (June 1996)


David s Tool Kit - Ragnar Benson - Loompanics Unlimited.pdf (14.89 MB) … son-Ragnar … s-Tool-Kit

Toward the beginning of Chapter one Benson reminds us that those who do not read and heed history are doomed to repeat it. Then he goes on to give a few historical examples where outnumbered citizens and soldiers were able to repel invaders and inflict serious damage as well, aided at least, by low tech weapons. Using the battle of Verdun and a few others as examples, he also reminds us that if you have a lot of heart, using archaic methods against superior weapons will do you no good at all. That isn't pie in the sky advice at all or contrary to the premise of the book either. Right up front he tells you that you need weapons. Then he goes on to tell you what weapons are useful and either how to make them or where to find the informtion so you can. Along the way, Benson gives examples of skirmishes here and there or situations that arose in his own experience and what was done there. Perhaps not the history we read about in school, but nevertheless, the kind of thing we should pay attention to. He goes on to describe some of the fine points re Molotov cocktails and makes sure the reader knows there is far more to it than what can be said in a few pages. He also covers flame throwers, claymore mines, how to generate smoke, using two-way radios and a wealth of other obscure information to the fledgling. Essential how to on self defense. This is a very informative book, and the information is given in a thought provoking manner.


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Dejuificator II
Maîtres Ascensionnés V.I.P
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Re: Loompanics Golden Records

Secrets of a Super Hacker


The Knightmare - Secrets of a Super Hacker.pdf (23.25 MB) … per-Hacker

He's Every Security Manager's Worst Nightmare!

The Knightmare is the sort of Super Hacker who keeps security guards from sleeping at night. He's not motivated by money or malice. He's in it for the hack. If your computer has any link whatsoever to the outside world, there is no question The Knightmare can break in; the only question is whether he wants to.

Secrets of a Super Hacker is an extraordinary manual on the methods of hacking. Here are some of the techniques covered in this data-devouring dossier:

* Brute Force Attacks:

Hurling passwords at a system until it cracks.

* Social Engineering and Reverse Social Engineering:

Seducing legitimate users into revealing their passwords.

* Spoofing:

Designing dummy screens; Delivering fake e-mail.

* Superuser Abuser:

How to get system managers to do your dirty work for you!

* Screen Stealing:

How to secretly record every image that appears on a computer screen.

* Data Delivery:

How to hide the information you've collected; How to e-mail it to your computer.

* Stair Stepping:

How to use a low-level account to gain ever-higher levels of access.

* And Much More!

Including a brief history of hacking, lists of likely passwords, a summary of computer crime laws and a glossary.

The Super Hacker reveals all his secrets: Trojan Horses, Viruses, Worms, Trap Doors and Dummy Accounts. The how-to text is highlighted with bare-knuckle tales of The Knightmare's hacks, including on-site hacking, remote-access hacking and bulletin board busting.

No system can withstand the ingenious, unrelenting assaults of The Knightmare. And no person concerned with computer security should miss this amazing manual of mayhem.

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