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Le lac aux chimères


The storyline is simple enough:  when a friend of her husband's comes to spend her vacation at their inn, a woman's love is sorely tested.

However, this rare film, directed by Veit Harlan, is rather typical of most of his films:  big-time melodrama with a capital "M" and he isn't ashamed of using everything in his arsenal to ensure we don't forget that.   The acting is pregnant with tears, the dialog is highly noble without ever being more than superfluous, and everything is through-scored with an academic, predictable, serious and dignified symphonic score, which flows over the viewers like slow-moving lava does over tourists too stupid enough to put down the camera and run away from the spouting volcano.  The film might work, if the protagonists were more sympathetic.  They are, unfortunately, not:  Karl Raddatz is anything but the handsome hero he is meant to be.  Kristina Söderbaum only has one or two emotions to display in the whole film, and being the rather robust woman that she is (and who looks as gentle as a stormtrooper cuddling a pit bull), she really shouldn't have been cast in all these over-suffering roles.   But then, her husband knew better.   The colour photography is very good, and some of the cast - like pretty Käthe Dyckhoff who enjoyed a brief career during the war - are likable.

Immensee 1943.avi (697.66 MB)!FophHahQ!C3trlGSB6 … ztfboAjSqw


Director: Veit Harlan

Writers: Alfred Braun, Veit Harlan, and 1 more credit »

Stars: Kristina Söderbaum, Carl Raddatz and Paul Klinger


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The Savoisien
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