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Der Blaufuchs


Der Blaufuchs
The Blue Fox



Synopsis :

Der Blaufuchs is a somewhat unusual German film comedy of the 40s insofar that the flirtatious and slightly frivolous heroine who is about to run out of her - admittedly boring - marriage is neither punished by fate, nor finds her way back to the straight and narrow. So the viewers at that time were either mildly delighted or incensed, depending on their degree of hedonistic inclinations, and a keen interest in the movie was immediately established. What contributed further to its success, as with other Zarah Leander movies, was her songs, which became instant hits, and which make this film even more interesting to this day.

1938 - Der Blaufuchs.avi 1.17 GB!bB1wFTID!enyeAQ6ns … xzvjRpHpMc


Director: Viktor Tourjansky - Writers: Ferenc Herczeg (play), Karl Georg Külb (writer) - Release Date: 1938 - Runtime: 101 min - Country: Germany

Cast (Credited cast)

Zarah Leander ... Ilona Paulus
Willy Birgel ... Tabor Vary
Paul Hörbiger ... Stephan Paulus
Jane Tilden ... Lisi
Karl Schönböck ... Trill
Rudolf Platte ... Coachman Bela
Eduard Wenck ... Signalman Ürem
Edith Meinhard ... Tilla
Gertrud de Lalsky ... Professorengattin
Erich Dunskus ... Tankstellenwart
Olga Engl ... Ilonas Tante Margit
Lothar Geist ... Tankstellenlehrling
Max Hiller ... Ungarischer Bauer am Bahnhof
Antonie Jaeckel ... Die Frau Rektor
Eva Klein-Donath ... Professorengattin
Ingolf Kuntze ... Direktor des Trocadero
Majan Lex ... Anuschka, Magd bei Tante Margit
Friedel Müller ... Professorengattin
Erich Nadler ... Spielleiter im Trocadero
Paul Rehkopf ... Ungarischer Bauer
Berta Scheven ... Frau des Bahnwärters
Franz von Bokay ... Josy, Diener bei Tante Margit


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