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J. Philippe Rushton - Race, Evolution, and Behavior

J. Philippe Rushton

Race, Evolution, and Behavior


Rushton J Philippe - Race Evolution and Behavior.mp3 (16.64 MB)


Race, Evolution, and Behavior : A Life History Perspective is a controversial [book (first unabridged edition 1995, third unabridged edition 2000) written by J. Philippe Rushton, a professor of psychology at the University of Western Ontario, and the current head of the Pioneer Fund.
Rushton argues that race is a valid biological concept and that racial differences frequently arrange in a continuum across 60 different behavioral and anatomical variables, with Mongoloids (Orientals, East Asians) at one end of the continuum, Negroids (blacks, Africans) at the opposite extreme, and Caucasoids (whites, Europeans) in the middle. A number of responses have criticized the book, its methodology, its marketing, and its conclusions.




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