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David McCalden


David McCalden



1987 - David McCalden - Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners - Part 1.mp4 (188.83 MB) … ers-1-1987!h1pgHTiJ!TAnXtxFfu … fNdC9g-Epc

1987 - David McCalden - Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners - Part 2.mp4 (145.81 MB) … ers-2-1987!x5pG3LrC!hvef5J9WD … 6I7U_XNEEc


1987 - David McCalden and Andrew Allen - The Holocaust Revisited - Part 1.mp4 (382.89 MB) … ted-1-1987!U5QD0Y4S!XWUgR31aE … uM4-3Mu27c

1987 - David McCalden and Andrew Allen - The Holocaust Revisited - Part 2 - Auschwitz-Birkenau.mp4 (152.2 MB) … ted-2-1987!owwTnTzZ!YmgIuRF7n … kwxSYI-KB4

1987 - David McCalden and Andrew Allen - The Holocaust Revisited - Part 3 - Majdanek.mp4 (333.22 MB) … ted-3-1987!BxpgQBRA!0UdVTECgW … a3U20NVozg


Ulster Nation regrets the death of our dear friend David McCalden, who passed away in El Segundo, California after having been ill for several months.  David was  always a controversialist who took nothing for granted.  In the early 1970s he edited Nationalist News and was a regular contributor to Britain First newspaper.  He was a founder of the early Hunt Saboteurs' movement, the first editor of its journal, Howl and later produced Beacon - a magazine that was well ahead of its time.  David moved to the US in the late 1970s and gave up active politics.  He founded the Institute for Historical Review, but later left it for Truth Missions.  His Ulster-American Heritage Foundation promoted Ulster's cause throughout North America.

David was a militant atheist and delighted in winding up religious people, but he never forgot his Ulster Protestant roots in Belfast.  We will miss him.

David McCalden, controversialist extraordinaire. 
Born Belfast, Ulster, September 20th 1951; died, El Segundo, California, October 15th 1990.
Reposted from Issue 3 of Ulster Nation on October 15th 2002, the twelfth anniversary of his death. 

Ulster Nation and Ulster Third Way have been criticised in some circles for republishing this short personal obituary, written by David Kerr, a friend of David McCalden.  This does not imply that either Mr Kerr, Ulster Nation or U3W share all or even any of the late Mr McCalden's controversial and iconoclastic views on matters unrelated to the Ulster conflict. This ought to be a simple enough thing to understand.  Some folk, blinded by their own prejudices, still just don't get it.

19. Ernst Zündel interviews David McCalden.

In this tape, a still youthful Ernst Zündel comes to you from the archives and produces a rare interview with the late David McCalden, founder and brain behind the "Institute for Historical Review" in California. The talk is about the early, heady days of Revisionism.

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