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Men and Women talking together


Men and Women talking together

This discussion between best-selling authors Deborah Tannen (You Just Don't Understand) and Robert Bly (Iron John) is presented by the New York Open Center as a sort of continuing education program. It is utterly delightful. The authors are both funny and serious. They care a great deal about the topic of women and men's conversational styles. Bly is a better speaker and certainly a better storyteller; Tannen is the better debater and probably the better scholar. The production is so well done that even questions from the audience are picked up by the microphones. This would be excellent for both bookstores and public libraries in which these books are great favorites and academic libraries with strong communications programs.

Men and Women Talking 25.6 MB!IYQn0Kba!ajxfo1FFc … pisyd4oJjM … g_Together

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