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The Prophecy Club




Core Value: The Prophecy Club calls people to holiness in Jesus Christ.

Core Purpose: The Prophecy Club is called to promote holiness through prophetic information and insight.

Mission Statement: The Prophecy Club exists to provide information, insight, and products with a prophetic warning message

Mission Principles:
• We are a cooperative ministry of the Spirit of Prophecy Church funded by donations and product sales, but accept no gifts that would limit our ministry.
• We are a corporation sole (NPO).
• Decisions are made by Stan & Leslie Johnson with consultation of the leadership team.
• The standards by which we operate are determined by the Bible.
• We have a global scope and communicate through radio, television, meetings, print media, direct mail, the Internet, and Prophecy Club resources.
• We are a warning-based prophetic minsitry.

Primary Audience: Our primary audience consists of Spirit-filled believers 35-65 years of age.

Basic Doctrine: Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God who died on the cross and arose three days later. He is "the way, the truth, and the life" and "no man cometh unto the Father, but by [Him]" (John 14:6).


Stan & Leslie Johnson


The Beginning
In June 1993, a local Christian radio station in Topeka, Kansas, suggested to Stan Johnson that he present a 15-minute daily broadcast on Bible prophecy. Stan, who for the past 22 years had been in sales and had been an instructor for the last 13 years, accepted the offer. He began by playing excerpts from nationally recognized Bible prophecy experts. The Prophecy Club program gained popularity quickly and soon expanded to a 30-minute broadcast. In September that year, Stan left his full-timejob to devote himself to developing The Prophecy Club.

The objectives of The Prophecy Club were -- and still are -- simple yet vital to the body of Christ:
• To make Christians more aware of the evil devices of Satan
• To warn Christians that judgment is coming to America
• To challenge God's people to stop sinning and turn to Jesus with all their heart
• To be an information source on current events in Bible prophecy

As Stan led the ministry in its infancy, The Prophecy Club expanded by taking its radio show first to Kansas City and then to many other stations around the country. The radio show was soon heard on more than 80 radio stations, with programs being broadcast two to four times a day. A daily television broadcast followed and reached an audience of nearly 25 million people

In January 1994, The Prophecy Club began a new venture as it invited a prophecy speaker to Topeka to hold a meeting. The meeting was a success as 110 people attended, excited to hear information on Bible prophecy.

Continued Growth
As The Prophecy Club grew, it began to hold monthly meetings in major cities where attendees could gather to hear America's best speakers and prophets. Each speaker's session was videotaped, and the audio portion was then edited for broadcast on The Prophecy Club radio show. Videos of the sessions were offered to help The Prophecy Club cover radio time.

The monthly meetings continued to gain popularity, and they were soon being help in 40 major cities, with approximately 5,000 people attending the meetings each month.

In 1998, God called Stan and his wife Leslie to start a church in Topeka. Since then, the Spirit of Prophecy Church has grown and expanded, with congregations in five cities throughout the nation. It is a Spirit-filled, five-fold ministry church where the prime directive is to "Teach, Train, and Equip God's Saints to Do the Work of the Ministry."

A New Direction
Today, The Prophecy Club's basic message of biblical prophecy and warning remains. The new direction isholding crusades where Stan and Leslie Johnson are the featured speakers. Historically, crusades were organized to take back geographical territories for God. Today, The Prophecy Club holds a crusade every three to six weeks, thus taking back spiritual territory in this country for the Kingdom of God. Typically, these crusades last for three and a half days.

During The Prophecy Club crusades, people are set free to praise and worship the Lord. They receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, discover the call of God on their lives through personal prophecy, and come eto accept God's anointing for their lives. With every crusade, people find themselves with a greater ability to walk in the power of God: to prophesy, to heal the sick, to intercede in prayer, to be set free from past sins, and to become more Christ-like.

The Prophecy Club is ready for all that God has planned for this life-changing ministry. During one four-year period of ministry, The Prophecy Club saw 3,140 new commitments to Christ and nearly 24,000 people rededicate their lives to the Lord. However, with God's help, The Prophecy Club expects to accomplish even more for His Kingdom!

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