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A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices by Patrick Kelly - 1731 pages

A Practical Guide to ‘Free-Energy’ Devices … rgie-libre



Here is a small amount of background information in order that you can understand the nature of this “Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices”.
I am just an ordinary person who became interested in “free-energy” as a result of a television programme entitled ‘It Runs on Water’ shown in the 1990s by a UK television company called ‘Channel 4’. From my point of view, the content of this documentary seemed to be rather unsatisfactory as it suggested quite a number of very interesting things but gave no real hard and fast specifics for the viewer to follow up on to investigate the subject further.
However, it had the enormous benefit of making me aware that there was such a thing as “free-energy”.
My attempts to find out more were not very successful. I bought paper copies of several of Stan Meyer’s hydroxy gas patents from the Patent Office but while they were interesting, they did not provide much in the way of additional information. Searching on the internet at that time did not produce much more in the way of practical information. Things have changed dramatically since then and there has been an enormous increase in available information. But, even today, it is relatively difficult to find direct, useful and practical information on free-energy systems and techniques. Much of the information consists of chatty, lightweight articles describing people, events and inventions in vague, broad outline terms which are almost completely lacking in specifics.
These articles have the style of saying “There is a new invention called a ‘bus’ which is used to carry passengers from place to place. We saw one the other day, it was painted green and blue and looked most attractive. It is driven by Joe Bloggs who wears an engaging smile and a hand-knitted sweater. Joe says that even his children could drive a bus as it is so easy to do. Joe expects to retire in six months time as he is going to take up gold prospecting.” While I’m sure that an article like that is interesting, the sort of description which I would want would be: “There is a new invention called a ‘bus’ which is used to carry passengers from place to place. We saw one the other day, and were very impressed as it has seats for some forty-five people. It has bodywork made of pressed aluminium, a wheel at each corner of its considerable 40’ x 10’ structure, a five litre diesel engine made by the Bosworth Engineering Company of Newtown, and has power-assisted steering, hydraulic brakes and ......”.
There are also many articles, scientific papers and books which, quite frankly, I am not able to understand as the authors think mathematically and express themselves in equations (where they frequently do not define the terms which they use in their equations, making them effectively meaningless). I do not think in mathematical equations, so I do not share in this much higher level of thinking and analysis, though I do have some of these papers on my web site for the benefit of visitors who do have the ability to understand them easily.
After a long period of searching and investigating I was beginning to gather enough information to be fairly confident of what was being done, what had already been achieved, and some of the possible background reasons for the effects which were being observed. Early in 2005 I decided that as I had encountered so much difficulty and had to put in so much effort to find out the basics of “free-energy” that it could be helpful to others if I shared what I had found out. So I wrote the first edition of this presentation and created a simple web site to make it available to others. Of course, this body of information is not static – on the contrary, it is very fast-moving. Consequently, this information digest is updated and refined typically once or twice per week. The present form of presentation is the third style of layout which has been used as the volume of material has increased.
It should be stressed that this information is what I have discovered as part of my interest in the subject and is mainly a reporting on what is being said by other people. I have not built and proved every device described – to do that would take many lifetimes, so please understand that this is just an attempt to aid your own investigation. While it can be proved that some device works as described, through independent replication and verification, the reverse is not true. If someone were to build a device and fail to get it to work as described, then the most that can honestly be said is that an unsuccessful attempt was made to replicate it. It does not, of course, show that the original device did not operate exactly as described, just that the (possibly inept) attempt at replication, was not successful. In some instances, you will see that I have expressed the opinion that the device is not viable, or, as in the case of the ‘Nitro Cell’ that I do think that it does work, but as many people have tried to build it and failed to get the results described, that it can’t be recommended as an investigation project.
I do not suggest that this set of information covers every possible device, nor that my description is by any means the complete and definitive statement of everything to be known on the subject. The old saying applies here: “If you think you know all the answers, then you just haven’t heard all the questions!” So, this material is just an introduction to the subject and not an encyclopaedia of every known device.
I should like to thank the very large number of people who have most kindly given me their permission to reproduce details of some of their work, providing photographs, checking what I have written, suggesting additions, etc. Also those kind people who have given me permission to reproduce their own works directly on my web sites or in my documents. There seems to be a common thread of concern among many people that shows as a desire to share this information freely rather than to try to make money from selling it, and I thank these people for their generosity.
Many people hold “conspiracy theory” views and believe that there is a concerted effort to suppress this information, and more especially, to prevent free-energy devices reaching the market. Personally, I think that the bulk of this opposition is just the normal reaction of vested commercial interests. If you were making a profit of literally millions per hour, would you welcome the introduction of a system which would eventually cut your income to zero? If not, then how much would you be willing to pay someone to make sure that the present system is never changed – a million? A billion? While this opposition is definitely there and people who stand to lose money and/or power through change will continue to oppose this knowledge, and to a much greater extent, the introduction of any commercial free-energy device, this is not something which I feel is immediately relevant to this presentation, and so almost the entire focus of the information is on devices – what they do, how they are made and how they may operate when they draw additional energy from the local environment.
Let me stress again, that this set of information is not by any means the final word on the subject, but just an introduction to the subject by a single person who makes no claims to knowing all the answers. Enjoy your research – I hope you are successful in every respect.

Patrick Kelly
April 2008

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