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The Line in the Sand

The Line in the Sand: The Consequences of Illegal Immigration into the USA



The Line in the Sand is a documentary film produced by October Sun Films and directed by Byron Jost. The film, released in August 2005, deals with issues such as illegal immigration, security on the United States' southern border with Mexico and the Minuteman Project.

You will see up close the devastation of the environment and the effects of looking the other way as violent criminal aliens bring their gangs, cartels and smuggling operations into the heartland of the US. You see the dark side of die-versity as it rears its dark face.

The film features activists Glenn Spencer, Chris Simcox, Cindy & Ed Kolb, John Petrello, Kevin B. MacDonald, Jim Gilchrist, Tom Tancredo, Wes Bramhall and many others.


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Re: The Line in the Sand

Jewish Influence on U.S. Immigration Policy - Kevin MacDonald


Ever wonder why racial wars seem to be increasing?
Ever wonder why Mexicans can come into the U.S. and steal jobs from U.S. citizens?
Open borders and racial strife, what is the cause?

31 minute video presentation with historian Kevin MacDonald.

Kevin B. MacDonald - Jewish Influence in U.S. Immigration Policies

MacDonald Audio's



La fin du monde blanc … 06E9E872E4

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Re: The Line in the Sand

Kevin MacDonald
Jewish Influence On Western Culture

Deciphering Jewish Intellectual Movements


In this highly informative public access broadcast, peace activist Mark Green and Professor Kevin MacDonald discuss the devastating impact Jewish intellectual movements have had on White Western societies.

If you have never been able to read Dr. MacDonald scholarly books, this 57 minute truthpackage is probably the next best thing for helping one to understand the Zionist Network many negative effects over our lives.

Topics covered include Freudian psychology, Boasian anthropology, Marxism, the Frankfurt School, the New York intellectuals, NeoConservatism and much more.

TalmudTimmy: This is a very scholarly question and answer period. MacDonald could turn any Zionist-denying "leader" in the patriot movement in his had, especially a Zionist shill like Alex Jones.
A must watch. Some great ammunition here.

Kevin MacDonald Prof Cal State FULL Jewish Influence On Western Culture

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Re: The Line in the Sand

« Le règne de la minorité ».

Documentaire inachevé par Feu Byron Jost, réalisateur nationaliste Blanc décédé d'une overdose à
35 ans au Cambodge (officiellement).

Streaming sur Daylimotion

Le règne de la minorité, 54 minutes.


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