Michael Hoffman - The Religion of Judaism 2000

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Michael A. Hoffman
The Religion of Judaism - 2000

Hoffman Michael A - The Religion of Judaism 2000 audiobook.zip 64.4 MB
https://mega.co.nz/#!9RUiTArT!c2OEPiypB ... hXjWGfL9eM

[center]Michael A. Hoffman II. The Religion of Judaism. The Independent History & Research Co. 2000.

The Religion of Judaism:

A Master Course as follows: Religion of Judaism Part 1: Based on the first part of Hoffman's book, Judaism's Strange Gods. A lecture delivered with power and authority! Excellent review of his study of Judaism's distortion and usurpation of the Old Testament. Religion of Judaism Part 2: Lieberman's Strange Gods. Reveals the teachings of the Midrash concerning Noah and the Noachide Laws. Approx. 58 min. Religion of Judaism Part 3: Jesus, the Talmud & Biblical Nullification. Approx. 57 min. The Religion of Judaism Part 4: The Talmud and the US Constitution; the Talmud and the King James Bible. Approximately 55 min. The Religion of Judaism Part 5: Physical and Spiritual Israel; Demolishing the Premises of Judeo-Churchianity Approximately 50 min. [Parts 2 and 3 are also available on video].

tape 1: Judaism's Strange Gods.
tape 2: Lieberman's Strange Gods
tape 3: Bible Nullification - Jesus & Talmud
tape 4: Constitution; Talmud & King James Bible
tape 5: Spiritual and Physical Israel

In these three lectures revisionist historian Michael A. Hoffman II analyzes Judiasm with depth, power and originality.

The first lecture represents the basis of the first portion of his book, Judaism's Strange Gods.

The second and third lectures were delivered at the America's Promise Conference in Sandpoint, Idaho, Sept. 16 and 17, 2000.

Hoffman's scholarship is supported by committed truth-seekers around the world who donate
in order to keep him writing resarching full-time; and in support of the publication, distribution
and advertisement of Mr Hoffman's books and broadcasts.

The Independent History & Research Co.
Post Office Box 849
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816-0849 U.S.A.

side 1a sampled at 44 KHz, mp3 coded at 48kbps
other sides at 22KHz / 32 kpbs

The first five minutes of tape 4 had an accelerated playback on the original tape and were not corrected. (addendum: attempt at correction)

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