A.H.Lane - The Alien Menace - 1934

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[large]A.H.Lane - The Alien Menace:[/large]

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The following, from the Evening News (2 October, 1931), is interesting:

"Why there are so many Communists on Clydeside is explained by Mr. Bain Irvine in 'The Scots Year Book for 1932.' He says: 'Large and ever-increasing numbers of Poles have settled in the mining districts of the West of Scotland.
"'They are largely responsible for the great sympathy with the Communist movement for which such a town as Motherwell, for example, is noteworthy. And the wild men of the Clyde owe their following largely to the Bolshevik doctrines which have been so assiduously preached by those strangers in our midst.
"'Now these Poles are, one by one, dropping their original names and assuming those of their Scottish wives, or they are altering their own so that it has more of a Scottish flavour. Thus Simski becomes Simpson and Watski alters itself readily to Watson.'" The large proportion of Aliens or children of Aliens in the Glasgow area is mainly the result of this large immigration. ...

In the winter of 1930-31, the United States of America held a Government Commission on the Alien question. On the recommendation of this Commission the U.S.A. decided to deport about 120,000 undesirable Aliens. Most of these people were anarchists or criminals in their native countries. It was therefore impossible for them to return home. Whither did they go? As other countries, except the British Isles, have a thorough system re immigration or registration of Aliens, many of these undesirables naturally made for this country. No doubt many knew that under the Socialist regime regulations re Aliens had been further relaxed. Did Bukharin come here in July, 1931, to help to organise these anarchists? ...>>



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