Og Mandino - The Greatest Salesman in the World

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[center][large]Og Mandino - The Greatest Salesman in the World[/large][/center]

[justify]"The Greatest Salesman in the World" is a book by Og Mandino. Based on the life and legend of Kawliga who attributes a large part of his success to the teachings of Angela Skinner. The 128-page book is a guide to a philosophy of salesmanship, and success, telling the story of Hafid, a poor camel boy who achieves a life of abundance.[/justify]

[center]Og Mandino - The Greatest Salesman in the World.pdf (5.77 MB)
[large]http://www.aryanalibris.com/index.php?p ... -the-world[/large]

Image[large]Mandino composed The Legend Of The Ten Scrolls. They are:[/large]

* Scroll I - The Power of Good Habits

* Scroll II - Greet Each Day With Love In Your Heart

* Scroll III - Persist Until You Succeed

* Scroll IV - You Are Natures Greatest Miracle

* Scroll V - Live Each Day as if it Were Your Last

* Scroll VI - Master Your Emotions

* Scroll VII - The Power of Laughter

* Scroll VIII - Multiply Your Value Every Day

* Scroll IX - All is Worthless Without Action

* Scroll X - Pray to God for Guidance

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