The Science of Personal Success

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Image[center][large]The Science of Personal Success[/large][/center]

[justify]A dated, yet fairly complete, program for improving your personal success through a process of self-analysis, recognizing personality types, improving communication skills, and constructively dealing with conflict.[/justify]

[center]The Science of Personal (64.38 MB)

Topics Covered:

01) Who Are You?
02) Achieving Happiness & Freedom from Anxiety
03) Four Basic Rules of Successful Relationships
04) Personality Styles I
05) Personality Styles II
06) Communicating on All Levels
07) Active Listening & Reflection
08) Active Listening & Reflection Workshop
09) The Art of Using Questions
10) Building Credibility & Rapport
11) Cooling Anger & Wholesale Criticism
12) Dealing With Stubbornness & Indecision
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