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[center][large]Answer Me![/large]
The First Three


[center]This is hate literature.

If you aren't filled with hatred, this book isn't for you.

It's not what your mother warned you about. Because the old bitch could newer imagine something so vile.

Your stubby, undeserving fingers hold the entire first three issues of "Answer Me!" Magazine -- here are the Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus of the "bible of hatred." "Answer Me!" Was created by two humans who were brave enough to deny their own humanity. They have savagely swallowed every existing social pathology. Sloshed them around inside their bilious stomachs. And regurgitated the only magazine worth hating.

Hatred is the only rational response to an unlovable world. Love is for everyone; hatred is for the few. If you read "Answer Me!", you will build self-esteem by exploiting the suffering of others. Through the fine art of "scapegoading," you will learn to blame the world for your problems.

[large]Hate everyone you see today. You'll feel better.

Hatred is the easy way out.

Hatred will heal you.

Hatred is the only answer.[/large]

[center]Answer Me - The First Three.pdf (102.02 MB)
[large] ... irst-Three[/large]
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