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[center][large]Paladin Press[/large][/center]



21 Techniques of Silent Killing-Long, Hei Master (Paladin Press) ... nt-Killing
Martial Arts - Hitman - Banned Book - Paladin Press ... ex-Hit-man
Paladin Press - Mashiro, N (Ph D) Black Medicine I - The Dark Art Of Death(1978)Lotb ... t-Of-Death
Wing Chung Kung Fu - History,Philosophy,Dim Mak,Proper Breathing, And Dummy Techniques ... un-Kung-Fu


Paladin Press - Farrel, Bic - Backyard Rocketry - Converting Model Rockets lnto Explosive Missi.pdf ... e-missiles
(ebook - military) Vi et Cong Boobytraps by Kurt ... Bond-Vol-4
(ebook Survivalists Engineering) explosives and demolitions manual.pdf ... Explosives
(Ebook) Paladin Press-US Army Counter Sniper Guide.pdf ... iper-Guide
[Explosives.and.Weapons] Ragnar Ben son - Homebuilt Claymore Mines.pdf ... more-Mines
[Paladin Press] Ragnar Benson - New and lmproved C-4.pdf ... proved-C-4
Anarchy - Paladin Press - Black Book Companion - State-Of-The-Art lmprovised Munitions.pdf ... -Companion
Cia Explosives For Sabotage Manual Paladin Press 1987.pdf ... age-Manual
Death By Deception - Advanced lmprovised Booby Traps - Jo Jo Gonzales (Paladin Press).pdf ... ooby-Traps
Ebook - Paladin Press - lmprovised Explosives By Seymore ... Explosives
EBooks - Chemistry - MILITARY EXPLOSIVES(chemistry) MUST HAVE EBOOK.pdf ... explosives
Explosive Principles by Sickler (Paladin Press).pdf ... Principles
Handbook.of.Chemical.and.Biological.Warfare.Agents.eBook ... are-Agents
Holmes,Bill - Poor Man's James Bond 3, Silencers -- Paladin Press.pdf ... e-Workshop
Homemade C4 -A Recipefor Survival - Ragnar Benson (Paladin Press).pdf ... r-Survival ... Explosives
Kitchen lmprovised Fertilizer Explosives.pdf ... explosives
Loompanics, The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories Ebook-Jelly.pdf ... boratories
Making Plastic Explosives.pdf ... rom-Bleach
Nbk2000 explosives and poisons guide.pdf ... sons-guide
Paladin Press - 1993 - Magician's Arsenal, Professional Trick; Of The T rade - ISBN 0873647416 - l.pdf ... -the-Trade
Paladin Press - Kurt.Saxon.-.The.Poor.Mans.James.Bond.-.Vol2.pdf ... Bond-Vol-2
Paladin Press -William Wallace - The Revised Black Book - A Guide to Field Manufactured Explosiv.pdf ... Black-Book
Paladin Press Anarchy Cookbook 2000 By Louis Helm lii.pdf ... kbook-2000
Ragnar Benson - Homemade detonators.pdf ... Detonators
Zips, Pipes, And Pen; - Arsenal oflmprovised Weapons - J. David Truby (Paladin Press).pdf ... ed-weapons


Improvised Lock Picks (Formerly Police Guide To Lockpicking) - Jelly ... ck-picking
Misc - Paladin Press - Illustrated Secrets Of Lockpicking ... ck-picking
Paladin Press - Expedient B&E_ Tactics and Techniques for Bypassing Alarms and Defeating Locks (H ... ting-locks
The Complete Guide To Lockpicking Loompanics ... ck-picking


[Paladin Press] Benson, Ragnar - The Modern Survival Retreat - A New and Vital Approach to Retrea ... al-Retreat
HAYDUKE, George - ''Make'em Pay - Ultimate Revenge Techniques from the Master Trickster'' ... -Trickster
Paladin Press - CIA Field-Expedient Key Casting Manual ... ing-manual
Paladin Press - How to Hide Anything ... e-anything
Paladin Press How To Win In Hand To Hand Fighting I Excellent Copy ... d-fighting
Paladin.Press,.Ditch.Medicine.Advanced.Field.Procedures.for.Emergencies.(1993).7.0-2.6.LotB ... mergencies
Survival - Paladin Press - Ragnar Benson - Mantrapping ... antrapping
Trickshop - Pickpocketing For Magicians (Eddie Joseph) ... -Magicians
Understanding Surveillance Technologies Spy Devices Their Origins and Applications ... py-Devices


Cannabis Grow Bible ... Grow-Bible
Loompanics.Uncle.Fester.Silent.Death.2nd.Edition ... lent-Death
Paladin Press - Secrets Of A Super Hacker ... per-Hacker
THe National Locksmith - Guide to Manipulation ... nipulation
The Sling For Sport & Survival - Jelly ... d-Survival
Ultra Baby Homebuilt Airplane Plans ... Ultra-Baby
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[---][center][large]Paladin Press[/large][/center][---]

[justify]Paladin Press is a book publishing firm founded in 1970 by Peder Lund and Robert K. Brown.

The company publishes non-fiction books and videos covering a wide range of specialty topics, including (but not limited to) personal and financial freedom, survivalism and preparedness, firearms and shooting, various martial arts and self-defense, military and police tactics, investigation techniques, spying, lockpicking, sabotage, revenge, knives and knife fighting, explosives, and other "action topics" (though the availability of books on topics like improvised explosives has been severely curtailed in recent years).

Paladin's first book, 150 Questions for a Guerrilla, was by Gen. Alberto Bayo, a Communist veteran of the Spanish Civil War who became Fidel Castro?s mentor when Castro was training men in Mexico for his successful revolution in Cuba. The theories advocated in his book were state-of-the-art for the time. Paladin?s edition became required reading for serious students of guerrilla warfare and is still in print today. This early work set the tone for Paladin?s future: it would be first to print books about controversial or suppressed subjects, and it would also be criticized for publishing works that some people found objectionable.

From 1970 to 1974, Paladin developed its stock of titles primarily by reprinting government military manuals previously available to the public only through purchase of purloined copies. In 1974, Lund and Brown split over the direction the company should take. Lund wanted to expand Paladin?s coverage of topics, while Brown wanted to start a magazine. Lund bought out Brown, who founded Soldier of Fortune magazine (SOF) in 1975.[/justify]
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