The Most Repulsive Album I've Ever Heard

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[center][large]The Most Repulsive Album I've Ever Heard[/large][/center]

[justify]Here?s an album with virtually no redeeming qualities. I say ?virtually? because there is a argument to be made for making this sort of thing known, in an historical context, the same way we can use the written and filmed records of prior atrocities to be more aware of similar threats in our midst going forward.
Without that ? or even with that ?value? taken into consideration ? this album is simply repugnant and vile. It came to its original owner, who lived in the deep south, in the early 1960?s, when it was produced. The people behind it called themselves the ?Christian Votes and Buyers League?, but most people buying the album would likely have known that this was a front for the Ku Klux Klan.

Essentially, the first side of the record is a twenty minute screed, telling listeners how Kosher rules cause the price of your grocery items to become more expensive, and how to make sure to avoid these products and grocers. Along the way, you?ll hear that Dr. King?s activities were being directed behind the scenes by a Jewish cabal, among other obnoxious lies, the rest of which I?ll let you hear for yourself ? although please be aware of just how creepy this entire endeavor is.

The album is narrated by Wally Butterworth, who was at one time a well known radio announcer and quiz show host. According to the brief outline on his Wikipedia page, it would appear that, like so many others, when things didn?t go his way (he lost a lawsuit and his radio platform) he seems to have made a hard turn to the right wing and joined organizations that supported his (and many other people?s) ideas that everything was someone else?s fault, especially the fault of those who didn?t look or think like him.

I?d like to think that this sort of thinking ? and the more general group mindset behind it that led to these albums (and much more) would be behind us as a country, but sadly, that?s clearly not the case.

Rather than repeat anything else Wally has to say, I'll let him speak for himself :[/justify]

Wally_Butterworth_-_Kosher_Food_Blackmail_of_American_Housewives.mp3 26.3 Mo!1pokFCRJ!wbMoHv3hB ... DvO3f8XW50

[justify]That folksy ?Goodbye, all? at the end, following nearly twenty minutes of hate, is, in context, among the creepiest things on the album.

I?m admittedly not as familiar with the issues that Butterworth gets into on the flip side of this album, but a quick web search indicates that it was about the move towards ?one man, one vote?, in that era. Essentially, small towns and rural areas, at least in the south, were getting far more representation in Congress than the number of residents should have allowed. Some congressional districts had literally just hundreds of votes, while those in big cities might have had in the tens of thousands, meaning that the issues of the rural votes had much more pull than all of those other people in the big cities. Around the time of this album, some court decisions had resulted in that imbalanced system having been thrown out.

Now, it seems to me that changing extremely unbalanced representation into something approaching equal representation would be a no-brainer, but Wally Butterworth and his pals seem to see it as an assault on Apple Pie, Mom, Baseball, and the very center of their way of life. At one point, he makes it clear what the concern was: all of those minorities (racial and religious) that live in the cities would suddenly have electoral power that had been denied them, due to the God-given rights of the Rural White Protestants.

Nearly the sum and total of his ?solution? seems to be for local jurisdictions to refuse to follow the courts? decrees, and a cry to his fellow white southern men to rise up and resist the Gum?int?s evil plans to make sure everyone has an equal vote. Sheesh.

Again, here's Wally :[/justify]

Wally_Butterworth_-_How_to_Deliver_the_Knockout_Punch_to_Federal_Judges.mp3 23.7 Mo!poAzEKCb!ErThjQneC ... lWjVK2VM1Q ... -mp3s.html


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