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Stanley A. Meyer


Stanley A. Meyer



Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell - The Birth of New Technology
Explaining the Hydrogen Fracturing Process on how to Use Water as a New Fuel-Source

Imagine running your car on water! That's correct, I said water. Stanley Meyer may have done exactly that, modifying his dune buggy to run on water alone using the hydrogen to run his dune buggy. The goal of these videos is to explain the science behind Stanley Meyers water fuel cell. We will study his theory, patents, and related information. The objective will be to replicate the water fuel cell. The completion of our work will be proof to the world of the validity of the water fuel cell. Have you ever thought about water as a fuel source? The atomic make up of water makes the molecule perfect for a fuel source. The water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.  When the water molecule is separated into its component atoms (H and O) and oxidized as fuel, the resulting energy is two and one half times more powerful than gasoline. The byproduct of the combustion is water vapor. Making water as a fuel, powerful and pollution free! The problem has always been how to separate water economically. Traditional methods of separating the bond of the water molecule have resulted in failure. To power a car by these methods would not move the car very far. The car's electrical system could not recharge from the process quickly enough. The result would be a quickly drained battery. For many years Stanley Meyer researched this problem and found a way around it! There are many people, as you could well imagine, who would not like to see this technology appear in the market place. Stanley A. Meyer was murdered on March 27 1998 at the age of 57 after refusing an offer of one billion (!) dollars for destroying his inventions. It is vital that his research and resulting technological advances are not lost, but rather that his work is continued. Join in the creative spirit and challenge, that is not driven by greed, and help in an endeavor that will revolutionize the world. This effort will provide an efficient fuel source which is environmentally safe.

The WFC (Water Fuel Cell) based on the work of Stanley Meyer uses ordinary tap water or distilled water - this is not a common Faraday electrolysis process: The WFC uses the parametric resonance effect with High Voltage and Low Current to split the water molecule with very little energy. The purpose of this WFC project is trying to replicate the results obtained by Stanley Meyer.

Hydrogen fracturing process... using water as fuel. Over the years man has used water in many ways to make his life on earth more productive. Why not, now, use water as fuel to power our cars, heat our homes, fly our planes or propel spaceships beyond our galaxy? Biblical prophesy foretells this event.

After all, the energy contained in a gallon of water exceeds 2.5 million barrels of oil when equated in terms of atomic energy. Water, of course, is free, abundant, and energy recyclable. The Hydrogen Fracturing Process dissociates the water molecule by way of voltage stimulation, ionizes the combustible gases by electron ejection and, then, prevents the formation of the water molecule during thermal gas ignition ... releasing thermal explosive energy beyond "normal" gas burning levels under control state ... and the atomic energy process is environmentally safe.

Stanley Meyer


Alls patents Stanley Meyer...

Meyer Stanley Allen - Les brevets de Stanley Meyer.pdf … nley-Meyer

Tous les brevets de Stanley Meyer et de quelques autres chercheurs inconnus...
Stanley Meyer - Brevet moteur a eau … ie%20libre


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Re: Stanley A. Meyer

House Meeting In New Zealand - 1989


Stanley A. Meyer - Water Fuel Cell House meeting in New Zealand 1989.avi (700.0 MB)!vQwzjRZJ!BXqLfFRH3 … ojL1Do-7Z4


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Re: Stanley A. Meyer

It runs on water
Stanley Meyer s water fuel cell powered car
Equinox 1995


It runs on water (50:17)

It Runs On Water - 3 Inventors  Stanley Meyer (343.4 MB)!PFAE3DSY!WB-EwH6zW … GGmPWHIAGU

Le moteur a eau existe depuis plus de 20 ans - Stanley Meyer.mp4 (50.1 MB)!GM4XGbTb!AJ5Nqiued … cp1QAkY-RM

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Re: Stanley A. Meyer

.: Stanley Meyer :.



Stanley Meyer, son moteur à eau, sa génératrice HHO … No-XXdCCFk … No-YXdCCFk

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Re: Stanley A. Meyer

Water Fuel Cell
International Symposium On New Energy Colarado 1993

Stanley A Meyer - International Symposium On New Energy - Colarado 1993 Part 1.mpg (698.6 MB)!mNw2kLAL!F5l750Sto … ldBb0McRvk

Stanley A Meyer - International Symposium On New Energy - Colarado 1993 Part 2.mpg (698.6 MB)!qc5HUQKQ!dxI7XU9Nh … Q3KECttxxE

Stanley A Meyer - International Symposium On New Energy - Colarado 1993 Part 3.mpg (188.7 MB)!PZpSzQTK!XULPR2t0z … QPal1kX0-8



Stanley Meyer's Patents For Water Car and some Videos Of Him




Stanley Meyer - Hydrogen gaz fuel and management system.pdf … ent-system

Stanley Meyer - Electrical Pulse Generator - 4613779.pdf … -generator

Controlled process for the production of thermal energy.pdf … mal-energy


Stanley A Meyer - Water Fuel Cell - Ten News - 21st Aug 2006.avi (12.2 MB)!ec5SnSAI!RB9TPnKw- … 8eQLav2K8U

Stan Meyer s water-powered dune buggy News report 1993.wmv (4.5 MB)!PYIh3DLQ!KrlrwXumU … MCAFBtqOYU

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Re: Stanley A. Meyer


The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln - Switzerland 1989

The late Stanley A. Meyer (1941-1998), the legendary inventor of the water fuel cell, is one of the most celebrated modern inventors among the free energy crowd, given martyr status after having been maliciously poisoned in a restaurant. The most common image associated with him is his dune buggy converted to run on water, as shown on television a number of times.
Perhaps some of you have already seen this video of an hour-long presentation he gave to The Safe Free Energy Conference at Einsiedeln Switzerland in 1989. Yesterday was a first for me, as Matt Imber brought his YouTube copy to my attention. He copied it from YouTube user Unleashmywealth. It is embedded for you below in six parts.
In this presentation, Meyer describes on a molecular, chemical and electrical level how water can be used as fuel -- not just as a gas, but for electrical generation as well as having potential nuclear-like power capabilities. He talks extensively about his electron extraction circuit as well as many other principals behind his devices and patents. He also talks pragmatically about how to introduce the technology into society and the ramifications it could have for positive change.
In his opening statement, he says: "Let's take some of the knowledge that has been presented to you and see if we can't come up with an apparatus capable of using water as a new fuel source, both for application and utilization of gas energy as well as electrical energy."
This presentation is worth careful study by all of you pursuing the water-for-fuel arena as well as the electricity-from-water arena; and it will also be worth watching for any of you who have any amount of scientific curiosity.
Here is a rare opportunity to hear it straight from the legend himself. If any of you happen to have a transcript of this presentation, or a copy of the slide presentation, or other supporting material, please let us know so we can include it here.

Stanley A Meyer - The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln - Switzerland 1989 Part 1.mpg (698.6 MB)!GExDFBKC!eRNajTsrF … RHM9gUqU3o

Stanley A Meyer - The Safe Free Energy Conference Einsiedeln - Switzerland 1989 Part 2.mpg (222.2 MB)!bdZSnSrD!d91SCy-QE … vRysUI1kfo


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