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#1 26-06-2010 23:36:34


Aspartame, Sweet Misery - Faux sucre, vrai scandale


Aspartame - Sweet Misery, A Poisoned World
Faux sucre, vrai scandale



Faux sucre, vrai scandale - 2007

Faux sucre vrai scandale - 2007 - Planete 2010 06 14.avi (377.95 MB)

Documentaire diffusé le 4 août 2010 sur Planète
Durée : 51min
Réalisation : Jt Waldron
Production : Sound & Fury Productions Inc.
Année : 2007

Cori Brackett a fait les frais de l'aspartame, cet édulcorant de synthèse, beaucoup moins riche en calories que le sucre. Après vingt années de grande consommation de produits «light», la jeune Anglaise s'est retrouvée en fauteuil roulant. Atteinte de sclérose en plaque, elle ne pouvait plus lever le bras au dessus de la tête. Ces symptômes ont fortement régressé avec l'abandon de sa consommation d'aspartame. Cori Brackett part alors en guerre contre ce faux sucre qui a failli lui coûter la vie. Des médecins, des avocats et d'autres victimes de l'aspartame témoignent des dangers de cet édulcorant.


This is the movie that Pepsi and Coca Cola don't want you to see.

AVI (695.11 MB)

Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World
348.85 MB



#2 09-05-2011 14:57:46


Re: Aspartame, Sweet Misery - Faux sucre, vrai scandale

Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame (Lecture)


In this lecture, Dr. Russell Blaylock explains one of the most important connections between nutrition and our health, how nutrition affects our behavior.

Citing a series of important studies, he shows that good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood, and behavior in a socially desirable way.

Like wise he shows us that poor nutrition can lead our youth into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide.

By using an impressive array of studies on both juvenile and adult prisoners, Dr. Blaylock demonstrates these principals and outlines specific measures you can take to protect your children from these detrimental effects. Most importantly, he shows us that it is never too late to make these nutritional changes.

Dr Russell Blaylock Nutrition and Behavior Aspartame MSG.flv (65.36 MB)


Fat, MSG, Aspartame, It's in all the food


Dr. Russel Blaylock discusses how our food today is adulterated with excitotoxins. Dr. Blaylock has written many books and does an excllent job explaining how these toxins affect our bodies. He cuts through the political and industry lies. This is a must see video.

Fat MSG Aspartame It s in all the food.flv (111.15 MB) 1:07:16

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#3 10-05-2011 22:24:42


Re: Aspartame, Sweet Misery - Faux sucre, vrai scandale

Food From The Matrix


This is a excellent documentary dealing with many controversial issues such as MSG (Monosodium Glutimate) Aspartame, Fluoride and SSRIs. Based upon a interview between Dr Russell Blaylock (a board certified neurosurgeon) and Jeff Rense, it shows how MSG is extremely bad for the body, not to mention the chronic toxicity in our bodies from Fluoride. It takes a snapshot look at Cho Seung Hui, and his possible link to SSRIs, as well as Eric Harris in the Columbine Shooting... This film is public domain please copy and share freely.

Food From The Matrix.flv (85.46 MB)

#4 11-05-2011 18:03:49


Re: Aspartame, Sweet Misery - Faux sucre, vrai scandale

Dr. Russell Blaylock - 1-05-09


Alex welcomes back to the show Russell Blaylock, M.D., a retired neurosurgeon, and author of Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills and The Blaylock Wellness Report. Dr. Blaylock has demonstrated the link between food additives and degenerative diseases.

Alex Jones Show - 1-05-09 With Dr. Russell Blaylock.flv (333.83 MB)

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