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E.X. Boozhie - The Outlaw's Bible

The Outlaw's Bible
How To Evade The System Using Constitutional Strategy

by E.X. Boozhie

This book is dedicated to The Caps, who shall not be referred to herein as "pigs" out of respect for the species of animals.


This extraordinary book brings together the merits of experience and sound legal scholarship, for an approach to the law that nobody else has dared to present - the perspective of the citizen-lawbreaker.

While there is no such thing as complete security for someone who chooses to disobey the government, there is a zone of protection in which one can expect both privacy and a lower burden of punishment if one is caught. The Establishment doesn't want us to know precisely where this zone is, or how to take advantage of it, because that would greatly diminish its level of control. That's why this important information never appears in the media, the standard literature, or the teachings of Establishment institutions.

The Outlaw's Bible begins by introducing and explaining the various elements of the criminal justice system - not from the hackneyed, idealized civics-class perspective, but from the practical standpoint of what an ordinary person can expect to encounter in real life. It then goes on to analyze our constitutional rights with regard to police detention, interrogation, search, and seizure. It explores the techniques cops use to extend the reach of their investigations, and how the courts have defined limits to their activities. Lastly, it boils all this information down into ten easy guidelines that a person can routinely apply to his/her daily life in order to reduce the risk of a bust.

Chapter titles include: * The Cops * The Courts * The Keepers * The Constitution * The Fourth Amendment * Exceptions to the Warrant Requirements * Search and Seizure of the Person * Places of Privacy * Breaching the Castle Gate * Belongings * The Privacy of Words * Miranda and the Seizure of Words * The Squeeze * Dirty Tricks * The Ten Commandments * And More!

The Outlaw's Bible is not just a book for lawbreakers. It is for all people who undertake to seriously learn about the legal rights supposedly available under the U.S. Constitution. The average person never thinks about rights and legalities. It is strange that there are absolutely no basic studies of law in any public school, yet the Law Library of Congress contains an amazing 7 million books on law alone! You simply can't get through a day without breaking some law or other.

As you read this excellent book, remember that someday, somehow, you may need to hide from the police or avoid prosecution. This book contains the only non-violent weapon you can arm yourself with. Use it; take it very seriously. If you break laws for pleasure, profit, or principle, you need The Outlaw's Bible: How To Evade The System Using Constitutional Strategy.

Bhoozie E X - The Outlaw s Bible.pdf (2.93 MB) … aw-s-Bible

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