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Conspiracy Theory avec Jesse Ventura


Intégrale de la première saison de Conspiracy Theory avec Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e01 - HAARP

Ventura visits HAARP (the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in Gakona, Alaska to uncover the truth behind rumors that it is being used as a weather modification weapon, an instrument for mind control, or both.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e02 - 9-11

Ventura investigates the rumors of a possible cover-up of the black box recordings from the airliners involved in the September 11 attacks which could contain evidence that 9/11 may have been an inside job.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e03 - Global Warming

Ventura looks at some of the purported evidence that man-made global warming is an elitist scam, and the money trail leads him to the doorstep of an elusive billionaire and a former UN adviser residing in Shanghai.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e04 - Big Brother

Ventura looks into theories about how far the U.S. Government has gone, in the name of national security, to keep an eye on its citizens–including contracting private companies to spy on people and giving special incentives to InfraGard members who report suspicious activity.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e05 - Secret Societies

Ventura infiltrates the Bilderberg Group–a very secretive, annual meeting of elitists who gather in luxury hotels, under heavy security, and supposedly plan the strategies for world domination.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e06 - Manchurian Candidate

Ventura and his crew investigates rumors that the CIA has restarted the project to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins and super soldiers through hypnosis, experimental drugs, torture and other methods. He also meets a man who claims to be a real-life Manchurian Candidate.

Conspiracy theory with Jesse Ventura s01e07 - Apocalypse 2012

Some believe the world is heading for disaster in 2012 and Ventura looks into rumors that the U.S. Government has a doomsday plan for saving the elite while leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Ventura also checks out the Denver International Airport where mysterious artwork displayed throughout seems to depict a "road map" of plans for the Apocalypse.


Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time. They review evidence and meet with experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as the JFK assassination, Area 51 and a possible plot to kidnap our nation’s water supply. "This is my personal journey," Ventura says, "to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about."


Jesse Ventura was born in 1951 in Minneapolis. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he joined the Special Forces and served as a UDT/SEAL from 1969 to 1973. After being honorably discharged from the Navy, he returned to Minnesota and, while attending community college, started training to become a professional wrestler.

Ventura began his successful professional wrestling career in 1975. In the early to mid '80s, he moved from performing in the ring to color commentator.

In 1987, Ventura starred alongside fellow future governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hit film Predator. He has gone on to be featured in numerous films and television shows, including a fan-favorite appearance on The X-Files playing a "Man in Black."

The 1990s saw Ventura enter the political arena, serving as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minn., and in 1998 as Governor of Minnesota. After he left office, Ventura was a visiting fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He is a New York Times best-selling author of five books and currently resides in Minnesota and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.


June Sarpong Producer/Investigative Reporter

June Sarpong has had a 12-year career which has already seen her become one of the most recognizable faces of British television, as well as being one of the United Kingdom's most intelligent and dynamic young presenters. A media phenomenon, she is equally comfortable interviewing politicians, celebrities and members of the general public.

As the female face of Channel 4's successful Sunday morning strand T4 for the last eight years, Sarpong became part of TV history when she scored access to British Prime Minister Tony Blair for her Channel 4 special When Tony Met June. A popular personality within the world of TV, she was voted as the #1 panelist young people wanted to see on the British political discussion show Question Time. She has also interviewed and introduced some of the world's biggest newsmakers, including Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles, Bill Clinton and Al Gore, as well as such personalities as Bono, George Clooney and 50 Cent.

Sarpong is an ambassador for the Prince's Trust and campaigns for the Make Poverty History movement. For services to broadcasting and charity, she was awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) on Queen Elizabeth's 2007 New Years honors list, making her - along with Princess Anne's daughter, Zarah Phillips - one of the youngest people to receive an MBE that year.

Michael Braverman Executive Producer

Producer Michael Braverman established The Braverman/Bloom Co., Inc. as a production and personal management organization in partnership with Barry Bloom. The boutique company works on cutting-edge strategies to optimize crossover opportunities in entertainment, sports and publishing, while also developing projects to best utilize such cross-platform technologies as pay-per-view and online.

Braverman has worked extensively with Jesse Ventura, serving as executive producer of Jesse Ventura's America and later the pilot for Judge Jesse: The Court of Common Sense.

Braverman spearheaded the development of the Project Bigfoot animated series for Discovery Channel, which includes character and story creation, as well as licensing. Bigfoot Presents Meteor and the Little Monsters earned a 2007 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children's Animation.

Braverman's development and production of the PRIDE Fighting Championship pay-per-view series helped fuel the explosive growth of mixed martial arts. He has also been involved with a number of extreme sports events with several teen and young adult-targeted companies.

Braverman recently co-created and executive-produced Armed and Famous, a CBS primetime reality series with five Hollywood celebrities who served as law enforcement officers with the Police Department in Muncie, Indiana. He also completed a reality pilot for A&E entitled Wrestling My Family.

Daniel Kucan

Daniel Kucan is a writer, designer and performer in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for appearing as a carpenter on the Emmy-winning Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and for serving as the lead collaborative designer at L.A.'s world famous furniture store, Mortise & Tenon.

Kucan grew up in an art conservatory in Las Vegas before attending New York University and eventually settling in Southern California. He is currently an Artist in Residence and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Veterans' Center for the Performing Arts which works extensively with combat vets to help them make the transition back to civilian life.

Kucan is an avid kickboxer and expert in Lama Pai Kung Fu. He trained under the venerable Chan Tai San and Sifu Steve Ventura.
Alex Piper Supervising Producer/Investigative Reporter

Alex Piper's television career includes serving as feature producer for NBC Sports' coverage of the 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 Olympic Games, six Kentucky Derbies the Dew Action Sports Tour and the Ironman Competition, among other high-profile events.

His other television credits include producing Beyond the Glory, featuring profiles of Ray Lewis, Anna Kournikova and Mike Tyson, among others. He also served as a supervising producer of TLC's organ-transplant series The Gift. He served as a supervising producer of ABC's Hopkins, a seven-part, Peabody Award-winning series showcasing the lives of doctors, nurses and patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital. And for Lifetime, he served as a supervising producer of Real Women, Real Lives.

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Re: Conspiracy Theory avec Jesse Ventura


Intégrale de la deuxième saison de Conspiracy Theory avec Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e01 - Plum island

Ventura investigates the secretive Plum Island Animal Disease Center located off the coast of Long Island, New York, which has been suspected as being a bio-weapons research center responsible for the release of Lyme disease and other deadly viruses. He also learns that the facility is to be moved to Kansas, into the heart of cattle country, which could spell disaster if a dangerous contaminant was released into the nation's food supply.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e02 - Area 51

Ventura treks into the Nevada desert to monitor the activity of Area 51, the most secretive military complex in the country and believed by many in the UFO community to be reverse engineering alien technology. He also interviews two Area 51 watchdogs who claim they were targeted by the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e03 - Wall Street

Ventura interviews Goldman Sachs whistleblowers and infiltrates a group of Wall Street elitists to find out what caused the financial meltdown, and to see who has the power to manipulate the stock market and the prices of oil, and precious metals.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e04 - Police State

Ventura is joined by conspiracy-talk radio host Alex Jones and looks into the plans and procedures in place by the government for declaring martial law. They investigate new law enforcement "fusion centers" that may be in control of rumored internment camps for rounding up U.S. citizens who are deemed a threat to national security. Note: This episode was removed for a time from the second season episode list on after a controversy.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e05 - JFK Assassination

Ventura reviews a set of supposedly classified CIA documents that connect the John F. Kennedy assassination to the Watergate scandal that brought down Richard Nixon, and possible involvement by other U.S. presidents such as Gerald Ford and Lyndon B. Johnson. He interviews Lee Harvey Oswald's widow Marina Oswald Porter to gain more insight into the theory that Oswald was a CIA operative who had been framed by his handlers.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e06 - Great Lakes

Ventura looks into the prospects of "Blue Gold" and why corporations and the super-rich are buying up water rights around the world in what could be a plan in controlling nations and their masses. He looks into evidence that these tactics are going on in North America in what could be a literal theft of the Great Lakes.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e07 - Gulf oil spill

Ventura looks into rumors that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was a staged event by companies like BP and Halliburton to reap profits from the cleanup, as well as administer toxic agents into the Gulf coast waters as part of a larger depopulation program, inspired by the Hurricane Katrina disaster, to modify the world's ocean currents and weather, and to target the Louisiana coastline to gain complete control of its oil reserves.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - s02e08 - Pentagon

Ventura investigates the theory that a missile, and not a hijacked airliner, hit The Pentagon during the September 11 attacks. Questioned are issues such as the lack of surveillance video released by the FBI; debris and damage inconsistent with a jetliner crash; the extreme difficulty of crashing a jetliner at high speed into a specific ground target by an amateur pilot, and links to a possible cover-up of $2.3 trillion of unaccounted taxpayer money announced by then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, just a day before the attacks.



Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura season 3



Intégrale de la troisième saison de Conspiracy Theory avec Jesse Ventura

s03e01 - The Reptilian Elite

Ventura looks into one of Time Magazine's "Top 10" ranked conspiracies — that some world leaders and other influential people are really shape-shifting lizard beings from another planet who are manipulating the world in human form. Tyrel and Shawn interview a self-proclaimed hybrid, while Jesse reviews video of alleged shape-shifting in progress, searches for a rumored alien base in Dulce, New Mexico, and finally interviews the man who popularized the conspiracy, David Icke.

s03e02 Death Ray

Ventura looks into rumors that the government is using directed-energy weapon technology, not only for strategic missile defense, but as a tool for assassination and possible false flag operations. Ventura feels he's on to something when he learns numerous people involved in the project have died under mysterious circumstances, (including whistle-blower Fred Bell, who died two days after an interview), and a theory that a ray may have been used to disintegrate and collapse the World Trade Center towers on 9/11.

s03e03 Time Travel

Ventura investigates rumors that the government has developed secret time travel technology beginning with the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project and that it has been used as a weapon to alter historical events. Later he meets Andrew D. Basiago, a man who claims that as a child, he was "chrononaut" working for his father at the Los Alamos National Laboratory on a DARPA experiment called "Project Pegasus" and was sent back in time to meet historical figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

s03e04 The Ozarks

Ventura looks into rumors that the elite are building fortified retreats and underground bunkers in remote areas of the country in preparation for a doomsday event. He travels to Ozark, Missouri to investigate the construction of an alleged 75,000 sq. ft., "single-family," fortified mansion owned by a satellite surveillance mogul and government defense contractor. Later, Ventura and his team are guided by a local informant to a massive underground warehouse facility, complete with railroad access, that is located in nearby Springfield, Missouri.

s03e05 Skinwalker

Ventura looks into various corporations that are filling the void left by NASA and continuing space research and technology under private enterprise - some of which may be used to weaponize space. His leads focus him on billionaire aerospace entrepreneur Robert Bigelow who purchased Utah's mysterious "Skinwalker Ranch" - a site with a long history of claims of paranormal activity, specifically UFOs, leading to rumors that Bigelow is reverse engineering his own alien technology. While Tyrell and Shawn have an unexplained encounter near the ranch, Ventura seeks answers from Bigelow himself.

s03e06 Manimal

Ventura looks into various alleged human-animal hybrid experiments, beginning with a ranch suspected of breeding animals with human organs used for medical research, and when slaughtered, could end up mixed with animals later processed for human consumption. Afterward he is led to the gates of Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia, where an animal rights crusader believes a real-life "Planet of the Apes" is being created by the government to secretly breed "humanzee" super-soldiers.

s03e07 Brain Invaders

Ventura interviews a group of so-called "targeted individuals" (or "TIs") - people who claim that they are being manipulated and tortured by mind-control signals after they have spoken out against the government. He further looks into the technology that could be behind these attacks, such as microwave transmitting GWEN towers, and meets with insiders who claim to have worked on and developed the technology for the government that began with Project MKUltra.

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