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Jules Archer - Police State : Could It Happen Here ?


Jules Archer

Police State : Could It Happen Here ?

Jules Archer - Police State Could It Happen Here.pdf (2.13 MB) … lice-State

If you lived in a police state, you could be arrested at any time, for any reason, even on false charges. You could be jailed and tortured for as long as the authorities wanted. You'd be totally helpless against the people in power, for you would not have the right to change governments in free elections. An army of spies would keep you in line: always following you, bugging your home and telephone, censoring all news, opening your mail, pressuring friends and family to save themselves by turning you in....

These are just some of the horrors of police states; nearly half the people in the world today live under them.

What is life like in a police state? How do police states come about? How do they work? Jules Archer shows how it happened in over 15 modern Communist and Fascist states-in Russia in 1917, in Germany in 1938, in China in 1950, in Greece in 1967. He shows how it seemed to be happening in the United States during the 1970s' Nixon-Watergate crisis.

By analyzing the breeding conditions of tyranny and the differences between Communist and Fascist regimes, and by looking again at repressive trends in U.S. history, Jules Archer alerts American readers. For unless we know how to protect our democracy, it could happen here.

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