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Lou Som Pau II
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Sutton Garrett - How to use limited liabolity companies

Sutton Garrett

How to use limited liabolity companies and limited partnerships


Sutton Garrett - How to use limited liabolity companies and limited partnerships.pdf (12.84 MB) … rtnerships

Introduction. Congratulations. You are about to learn powerful legal strategies used by the rich for generations to protect their assets and operate their businesses. By reading this book, you will come to understand the concepts necessary to establish a customized strategy for the protection of your business and personal assets and to create your own legal defense against the improper threats and claims of would-be creditors.
You will learn when and how to use Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships both in specific situations and in general business scenarios. And you will learn a mantra and attitude that the rich have successfully used for hundreds of years - protect and grow. How to protect and grow your assets through the strategic use of Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships or Corporations is one of the greatest skills you can acquire. The journey begins with a consideration of the entities you can use to your maximum advantage.


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