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Soutien à Varg Vikernes


Varg Vikernes




Soutien à un légende du Metal que nous n'avons pas besoin de présenter.

Ce passage en garde à vue, dans les geôles françaises, que nous espérons le plus court possible, ne ferra qu'ajouter au mythe.
Toutes nos prières vont à sa femme enceinte, à son enfant qui doit subir la tyrannie du régime de François Hollande alors qu'il n'est pas encore né.
Nous pensons aussi à l’après, à la destruction de ce qu'ils avaient commencés à bâtir en Corrèze...

Ne perdez pas espoir.




For as long as I can remember I have been what I like to think of as a romantic. A classic romantic, dreaming of performing acts of heroism. There were no princesses to save from trolls or dragons any more (…!?), but I did have a faint hope that I would at least get the chance to rescue someone from certain death in some other context. I was even hoping that someone would be in need of help, like being caught off guard in front of a bus, just to give me the opportunity to jump out in front of the bus and push them out of harm’s way. My own death was not a necessary part of these heroic plans, but I never cared too much for my own safety. Children caught in wild streams, car crashes, air planes on fire, maidens being harassed, whatever; I was ready to act! Now, I did feel a bit bad for actually hoping that others would be in need of help, but how can anybody become a hero if there is no one in distress? These silly, naive and romantic dreams never really disappeared. I am still that fool hoping for an opportunity to help others in dire need of help – the more the merrier. In fact, I think that most European men are – if they are honest enough to admit it – just like me in this context. The self-sacrificial heroic mentality is deeply rooted in our psyche. It is actually a rather typical expression of the European spirit.


On Friday there was a train accident in a Parisian suburb (i. e. an area populated mostly by immigrants), and several individuals were killed and many were wounded. Some were even decapitated in the accident, I guess by flying debris. My wife told me about this, and I responded by saying to her that I didn’t believe it was an accident. I was sure it had happened because of sabotage. The cause of the accident was listed as due to high temperatures in Paris (?). Right… Yesterday evening the French (“French” as in Jewish) media reported that “youth” (i. e. immigrant youth) were throwing rocks at the firemen who came to help the many wounded.

Today the emergency personnel has gone out public and stated that the “youth” had been waiting there when the train crashed, and had then started to rob the wounded and dead passengers when it crashed. They had thrown rocks at the firemen, the ambulance personnel and the police to keep them from aiding the wounded, because they had not yet finished robbing them. There were more to loot, apparently.

The “French” president, the Jew Mr. Hollande, and his Socialist government describe the reports of robbery (told by the emergency personnel at the scene!) as “rumours” and as descriptions of “isolated incidents”. They also seem to fail completely to admit or even contemplate that perhaps the train crashed because somebody wanted it to crash, and actually did something to make it derail and crash. Like e. g. the gang of “youths” standing nearby ready to rob the passengers when it did.


Now, had any European attacked these looters, like e. g. I for sure would have done had I been there, to make sure the emergency personnel could assist the victims, what do you think would have happened to him? Yes, the looters would have, by the Jewish media, been described as “immigrants running to the crash site to help the wounded”, and the European attacking them would have been an “evil racist Nazi thug”, and he would have ended up in jail, possibly for the rest of his life, for “hate crime“.

This is the Europe our parent generation has left us and our children with. We have no protection from the law, but the law does prevent us from protecting ourselves. We have a government who not only imports criminal non-European scum en masse, but who also lies to us about the consequences of this. “Our” media is no better than the media in North Korea, and serves only their Jewish masters in government, and deliberately ignores, hides or explains away the truth. Their sole purpose is to spread anti-European propaganda and to cover up reality.

I am so angry, and I have been the whole day, and I just don’t understand why Europe doesn’t revolt against this. What do they have to lose? They have already lost the protection of the law, the freedom of speech; they are already living like slaves, working not for their own interests but for Jewish-owned banks and Jewish stock holders; the elections are obviously rigged, so there is no political solution in sight, and even if the elections weren’t rigged the media is under Jewish control, so there is no hope for any real political alternative. They have already lost their safety; they are being robbed before or even rather than being helped when they are injured, their daughters are routinely sexually harassed and run a serious risk of being gang raped by immigrants (an estimated 25% of all Swedish girls born today will be raped during their lives), their sons are routinely harassed and beaten, and even stabbed in the streets by gangs of immigrants, and so forth. What will it take for them to say stop and to take action to change the situation? If we don’t we will all be killed, one after the other, and each and every one of us.

Yes, you see; that is what they want! To exterminate Europe, lock, stock and barrel. They hate us! There is nothing they hate more than Europe and everything European, and they want it all gone – and they have been working for thousands of years already to ensure that this will happen. It must stop; we must take actions to end this. Before it is too late.

Hermann calling the Germans to Arms;


For obvious reasons I will not encourage anybody to take any illegal actions to end the European genocide, but there is much you can do that is not yet illegal. Be smart about this, and never give them an excuse to tighten the screw even more. I will suggest that you first of all take action to expose them and their lies to as many as possible – like I do here, but also like you can do elsewhere; in public, in private and in so many ways. You can e. g. make “DestroyZionism.Com” and “ThuleanPerspective.Com” stickers and put them on your car, tell the truth in all possible contexts to as many as you can. Make leaflets and put them in mail boxes in your area. Write “DestroyZionism.Com” or “ThuleanPerspective.Com” on walls. Whatever. Everything helps. Rivers are made from tiny drops of water! Let us together make a river of Truth! Let is wash away their lies and clean the mind of Europe! Let it wash away all liars and traitors, and drown the beast once and for all! HailaR WôðanaR!

Our coward Parent Generation doing what They have always done;



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