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Histoire des Vaudois


Histoire des Vaudois



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Waldensians, Vaudois

The Waldensians, or Vaudois, followers of Peter Waldo of Lyon, provided the next major target. They gave their money to the poor and preached the Christian gospel. Waldo attracted the hatred of the clergy when he commissioned a translation of the Bible into Occitan, the language of what is now southern France. The Waldensians started off as perfectly orthodox Roman Catholics, but after reading the bible their heresies mushroomed. They denied the temporal authority of priests and objected to papal corruption. They rejected numerous accretions, including the Mass, prayers for the dead, indulgences, confessions, penance, church music, the reciting of prayers in Latin, the adoration of saints, the adoration of the sacrament, killing, and the swearing of oaths. They also allowed women to preach. They were excommunicated as heretics in 1184 at the Council of Verona, and persecuted with zeal for centuries.

They were formally declared schismatics by Pope Lucius III in 1184 at the Synod of Verona, In 1211, more than 80 Waldensians were burned as heretics at Strasbourg. They were declared to be heretics during the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215. The Council stated that their principal error was "contempt for ecclesiastical power", but they were also accused of teaching "innumerable errors" which the council did not specify. Any deviation from Catholic teaching was an "error", and priovided sufficient grounds to incur the death penalty. Persecutions were soon stepped up.

Mass Burning of the Waldensians in Toulouse in the 13th century,
by an anonymous 17th Century engraver


In a single day in 1393, 150 Waldensians were burned at Grenoble. Survivors fled to remote valleys in the Alps. In 1487 Pope Innocent VIII issued a bull for the extermination of the Vaudois. In response, Alberto de' Capitanei, archdeacon of Cremona, organized a crusade and launched offensives in the provinces of Dauphine and Piedmont. The areas were devasted and survivers fled to Provence and to southern Italy. On 1 January 1545 King Francis I of France issued an order called the "Arrêt de Mérindol". He assembled an army against the Waldensians of Provence, which carried out another series of massacres. Deaths in the Massacre of Mérindol ranged from hundreds to thousands, depending on the estimates, and several villages were devastated.

Persecution of Waldensians in Piedmont
Men, women and children were hanged, drowned, forced over precipices, stabbed or clubbed to death



In January 1655 the Duke of Savoy commanded the Waldensians to attend Mass or remove themselves to the upper valleys, giving them twenty days to sell their houses and lands. The order, in the middle of winter, was intended to force the Waldensians to attend mass, but ; most of them chose to take to the remote upper valleys, Old men, women, little children and the sick "waded through the icy waters, climbed the frozen peaks, and at length reached the homes of their impoverished brethren of the upper Valleys, where they were warmly received." By mid-April, the Duke, having failed in his objective tried another approach. He sent troops into the upper valleys and required that the locals to quarter them in their homes, On 24 April 1655, at 4 a.m., the signal was given for a general massacre. Catholic forces are reported to have unleashed a campaign of looting, rape, torture, and murder. According to a report by a Peter Liegé :

"Little children were torn from the arms of their mothers, clasped by their tiny feet, and their heads dashed against the rocks; or were held between two soldiers and their quivering limbs torn up by main force. Their mangled bodies were then thrown on the highways or fields, to be devoured by beasts. The sick and the aged were burned alive in their dwellings. Some had their hands and arms and legs lopped off, and fire applied to the severed parts to staunch the bleeding and prolong their suffering. Some were flayed alive, some were roasted alive, some disemboweled; or tied to trees in their own orchards, and their hearts cut out. Some were horribly mutilated, and of others the brains were boiled and eaten by these cannibals. Some were fastened down into the furrows of their own fields, and ploughed into the soil as men plough manure into it. Others were buried alive. Fathers were marched to death with the heads of their sons suspended round their necks. Parents were compelled to look on while their children were first outraged [raped], then massacred, before being themselves permitted to die."

Some 1,700 Waldensians were slaughtered. This well documented attrocity became known as the Piedmont Easter. It aroused indignation throughout Europe (and prompted John Milton to write a poem "On the Late Massacre in Piedmont"). Protestant rulers offered sanctuary to surviving Waldensians. Oliver Cromwell threatened to send military forces to their rescue. Councillors of the city of Amsterdam chartered ships to take 167 Waldensians to their colony in the New World (Delaware) on Christmas Day 1656. A few who stayed behind in Piedmont formed a guerilla resistance movement..

The Murder of the children of Waldensians. Detail from Samuel Moreland's "History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont" published in London in 1658.


In Piedmont in the middle of the seventeenth century, further attempts were made to extirpate them. Anyone in Villaro who declined to go to a Roman Catholic Mass was liable to be crucified upside down, but there was some variation in the manner of killing in other towns. Some were maimed and left to die of starvation, some had strips of flesh cut off their bodies until they bled to death, some were stoned, some impaled alive upon stakes or hooks. Daniel Rambaut had his toes and fingers cut off in sections: one joint being amputated each day in an attempt to make him recant and accept the Roman faith. Some had their mouths stuffed with gunpowder, which was then ignited. Paolo Garnier of Roras was castrated, then skinned alive. Children were killed in various ways before the eyes of their parents. Those few who escaped to the mountains were mostly killed by exposure, starvation or disease.

In France, in 1685 Louis XIV revoked the 1598 Edict of Nantes, and more massacres followed, with many more thousands losing their lives for the crime of disagreeing with Catholic doctrine.

This image is found on page 345 of Samuel Moreland's "History of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piedmont" published in London in 1658. It is one of a number of prints illustrating the massacre of the Waldenses in Provence in 1655. The woman being tortured to death here is Anna, daughter of Giovanni Charboniere of La Torre.



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The Israel of the Alps
2013 - LLT Productions

The Israel of the Alps 1-3

mega :
The Israel of the Alps 1-3.mp4 330.0 MB!EcgXnJCD!-Z5KbOLop … xv7Sg4Ljl0

streaming : … f666c8c69/

The Israel of the Alps 2-3

mega :
The Israel of the Alps 2-3.mp4 329.6 MB!dJRyHIIB!8_PxVa5g4 … 34Ks4wjQIk

streaming : … cc0c30882/

The Israel of the Alps 3-3

mega :
The Israel of the Alps 3-3.mp4 311.6 MB!pZJRWAiQ!FPvhN_wmV … j1qnEZE5q4

streaming : … ef626a6a4/

The amazing story of the Waldensian people who maintained the ancient apostolic faith and clung to the word of God through many centuries of fierce persecution. Presented by LLT Productions, with photography by James Arrabito.





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