Charles and Liouse Samuels - Night Fell on Georgia

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Charles and Liouse Samuels - Night Fell on Georgia ... on-Georgia





Texas born, raised in Brooklyn,
Cornell graduate, superintendent of Atlanta
pencil factory. Shy, meticulous, a family man*
Was this the true portrait of the man, or was it the
front of a criminal guilty as. charged of rape and murder?
Did he force himself on Mary Phagan, hold im
moral parties in his factory, make calls to a notori
ous Atlanta madam ... or did this prosecution
testimony result from police pressure, did it explode
out of a wave of public feeling?anti-Semitic, anti-Northern?
Was a Negro sweeper ?an early suspect? truthful
in his damaging testimony against Frank, or did he
lie to save himself?
Like millions of others, readers of this book will
find it impossible not to take sides. And they will
have far more evidence available than did the jury
which sat m that emotion-charged Atlanta court room ...[/center]
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